How McMurdo Station Is Run On The Least Habitable Continent | 360 VR Video | The New York Times

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What does it take to run a research station on the least habitable continent, thousands of miles from civilization?

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How McMurdo Station Is Run On The Least Habitable Continent | 360 VR Video | The New York Times


redskinjim says:


Reed Van Sickle says:

Cool video but they should really tell you it’s vr I spent 2min starting at the ground wondering who hired film crew😂 non be options would be nice

aLi0ne says:

You cant go to Antarctica btw. Only govs can. Cause its full of alien underground bases.

Maelstrom says:

basically, its colonia

Heru- deshet says:

I'd spend a summer there just to get away from cell phones.

Lucas the Lemur says:

omg it's kinda like Bjork's "stonemilker" music video with the panoramic view lol

Jason Gablaski says:

I hope to be going next Summer (2018-2019) for my first (and not last) season of work!!!

Faktum Stream1Beatz says:

Ooh the weather looks refreshing!

Kombizz Kashani says:

amazing video of this community that might forgot the rest of Planet Earth's suffering ! – Perhaps it was nicer that half of the budget goes toward the peace, and making technology to feed the hunger on rest of the planet. Also not sure why American military is doing in this place?

foxrower says:

Great video. Really like the 360 format.

introverticus says:

Is there a non-VR format available?

مهدی حسینی says:

بکن بکن توش

Cmoore Butz says:

Love these videos!

Michael O'Reilly says:

Everywhere this is posted there is the indication that it is in VR (yes it was acquired and produced in VR). However, when I view it, I can't get the VR to engage on 3 different devices using 3 different browsers – am I doing something wrong or is just not flagged correctly for VR playback?

Salty Diarrhea says:

My friend was stationed at the McMurdo military barracks. He said they had a soda vending machine that doled out beers. He was passenger during a very bad crash there.

Carter Pieschek says:

A guy shows up late for work. The boss yells, ‘You should’ve been here at 8.30!’ He replies. ‘Why? What happened at 8.30?

Amina Naili says:

Fascinating, always 👍👏

Toni Klemm says:

What an amazing place!

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