How Thousands of Pigeons Became Art (360 Video)

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Artist Duke Riley’s latest piece with Creative Time, “Fly by Night,” will send 2,000 pigeons carrying LED lights over Brooklyn’s Navy Yard. Watch in virtual reality how the team pulled off the massive project.
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Ryan Sedore says:

Any tips for watching 360 videos on looking in the direction the creator intended viewers to look?

Tristan_5 says:

1:36 Why does he have a fake head?

ابوريان جود says:

ومن حب ما قتل


if you want a better more humane light show just go find a field full of fireflies

Jessica Espinoza says:

Pidgeons can't see in the dark. They are probab;y terrified and confused while you force them to fly in the dark. Please no one attend this awful show!

Happy sister [해피 씨스터] says:


M8one Guy says:

4k = meh
8k = cool
16k = awesome experience

wenders says:

why's it so blurry

Slamina says:

When I watch these the quality is 💩💩💩

skreeonk says:

this is so royally fucked up. it's assholes like this that make me wonder about how crazy "art" can really be

PwnerNinja says:

This is very dangerous for the pigeons! They don't fly at night in the first place, but forcing them to while an LED light is blinding them is cruel and inhumane.

Please go sign the petition that's against this cruel project!

Rina Deych says:

Disgraceful.  This is horrifically cruel!  Pigeons cannot see well in the dark.  They are likely to become disoriented, fall into the water and die.  Shame on this selfish person.

Pangarupon says:

this is horrible

spindarazz says:

this is actually really harmful for the pigeons. please sign the fly by night petition to stop the people that did this.

Mukoma Ryan says:

Wow, I thought this whole 360 thing was a joke.

clorox leech says:

This is amazing omg

Tanner Herzog says:

Black screen

Deja Sisters says:

My IPad doesn't do it!

McMarviTV says:


Houssem Rabah says:

how i can watch this with gear vr samsung?

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