How To TRAIN PIGLETS To ELECTRIC FENCE | Mangalitsa Pigs | Homesteading | Prepping | McGie Collab

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I bought some Mangalitsa piglets from McGie Homestead Adventures! I keep mine behind electric fence, so I'ver got to train these pigs to it! If you're wondering how to do this video!

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Copperhead Road Homestead says:

Check out Micah's channel. He is a great guy with a great channel!

Lee says:

My yorkie peed on the electric fence three days ago. He’s a stubborn boy!

Reap What You Seaux says:

Yes I have heard they can smell it I used in for my wild hogs 120 Acres they hit it a few times . But mine is very hot lol it hurts I know I have touched it a few times on accident

Pat Gupton says:

I have electric fence around my chickens. I have seen foxes come out of the corn and stand there and sniff. They smell the electric and just turn and walk away.

Baroness Machiavelli says:

They are very active! Very cute!

Tommy McTurtleson says:

So cool. I already sub to McGie and I have his video cued up next!

Arkansas Woodcutter says:

thanks for teaching us how to train the pigs to electric. Ive had pigs in the past but the difficulty of keeping them in resulted in getting rid of them. May give it another go now.

Deb's Way says:

Ok, if you say so, Daniel…I will check out McGie Homestead Adventures. Have a good one!!

Tinyhome deals says:

Great channel just found you from McGie Homestead Adventures. Big shout out to you both for your colabs. Great info in this video. I'm starting a veggie garden next month when we move looking at raising a couple of meat rabbits and chickens. 🍅🐖🐇🍅😀🐇🐓⛺👍🐷🐣

Out West Homestead says:

Came over from McGie Homestead Adventure and subscribed.

Ernie Hatmaker says:

You're pretty handy with that twine-tying!

Aaric Hale says:

That's awesome you guys got to meet up . Your right everybody likes Micah .

Paige family Homestead Our Journey back says:

hey Micah. Hey guys 😀 look at those wee pig's .lol love the omg squeel lol ha ha ha… awww they need a wee box shelter or something to feel secure in. lol they are afraid to move. YOUR frying your bacon before it's ready HA HA HA HA ( you know im teasing right lol lol )

McGie Homestead Adventures says:

Awesome video man! Them little boogers were really off grid LOL

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