Hurricane Maria Aftermath Pt 2 with photos Puerto Rico

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Hurricane Maria Aftermath Pt 2

Most of us who live in Puerto Rico are unable to reach some areas (unless we have a helicopter! ....and I certainly don't have one). The areas I'm showing you do have some destruction but nothing compares to the inner (and mountainous) or Southeast parts of the island. I took pictures in Guaynabo and Bayamon, which are nearest me at this moment, where I stayed with my parents. These areas are "lucky" because they didn't have massive flooding or landslides. The area where my parents' home is is close to a hospital, so we were in the hospital's "power zone" and got power back, as well as water. Other parts of Bayamon and Guaynabo still don't have power back since Maria struck...and a few haven't had it since Irma.

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