I Am Rohingya: A VR Documentary from Contrast VR and AJ+

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I Am Rohingya is the first virtual reality documentary on the Rohingya refugee crisis and ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.

Produced by Contrast VR, Al Jazeera Media Network’s new immersive studio, and AJ+, in partnership with Amnesty International.

The film premiered in headsets during the Vancouver International Film Festival on October 6, 2017.


Jamalida loves to dance. She sometimes gets the chance at a wedding or a local celebration, even though she lives in a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Experience Jamalida’s life inside the camp and watch an account of how she fled the violence in Myanmar in immersive animation.

Jamalida is one of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya muslims who are not considered citizens of their home country, Myanmar, and are not wanted by their host country.

“I want to talk to you,” she says. “I hope you can tell others about my story.”

In this immersive VR film by Contrast VR and AJ+, ride with Jamalida around the crowded camp, accompany her inside her tiny home, sit down in the narrow streets with her sons as they play and feel what’s it like to be a refugee stranded in a foreign land.


R A says:

Thanks for making such a wonderful story of Rohingya, really appreciated

R A says:

Rohingya must be free in their own country Myanmar. Myanmar must be recognised their citizenship rights because they are belong to Myanmar

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