I Found Secret Diamonds In Skyblock Minecraft Virtual Reality

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Welcome to Minecraft VR Skyblock! The concept behind the map is very simple; you spawn on a floating island and must survive and complete challenges with the resources available to you. But this time it's in VR!

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سجاد - Sejad says:

Great Video, I Love This Series.

wolfy pl says:

what is the name of this skyblock map ?

Harrison Craig says:

Blitz he won't trade cause he has no job

Sonny Lagrew says:

Build behind the portal there should be a
secret island

Sonny Lagrew says:

Go to the nether and

Chan Kit Ying says:

Champi is a old chest plate it use fire to craft that chest plate

Nick802 says:

whats the skyblock server hes usuing??

Funmui Chen says:

Use a axe to break pumpkins or melons it is faster

xX5Turtle5Xx says:

If you would have drowned the zombie then turn it into a drown then it's armor will pop off and swords

Bo Aero says:

Give the villager a lectern for book trades cauldron for leather trades barrel for fishing trades fleching table for arrow trades smithing table for smithing trades but only chose one

Ridho DimarZio says:

I need more skyblocks

Skar says:

In order for a an animal to not disappear it has to have a 20 maximum space to walk around, and a name tag

Skar says:

Knowing I’m probably too late, but, the compass isn’t a compass, it only points toward the world spawn point

Christian Maes says:

Blitz in the Nader on top of the portal use four stacks of cobblestone build straight and it will be ironed and diamonds. Blitz above your tree farm build up four stacks of cobblestone and build straight up there will be an end portal that looks like a cloud.

Avalanshe365 says:

You can make a lecturn with a bookshelf and 4 wood slabs it'll allow you to see the villagers trades there are multiple of these work stations like the lecturn a 1.14 update

The Dog Egg sandwich says:

It’s ores not blocks blitz


you can make the villager to trade with you if you change the place that he is living for an example if you put him in a prison with books and the stant(is not named stan)he will be a librarian

lance nidoy says:

your chicken friend is disponing

Joonyang Vue says:

4:45 when life hits u hard😂😂

procraftbrothers says:

it was so funny when Blitz "aaaaah"ed when he saw the diamonds. i think he thought it might have been the emptiness underneath the island.

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