I HAVE TENTACLES & GUNS! – Cthulhu Simulator

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Combine Job Simulator and Cthulhu and you get Godly Corp, a game where you're a monster intern who needs to help run the universe. Will this tentacle monster destroy planets, or save them!?

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INTRO/OUTRO MUSIC: Fall into My Arms - Glitz at the Ritz 2 from EpidemicSound.com


66 6 says:

This rocks👍🏻

Tevita Tutuu says:

always like yoir videos fynpire

awsome shark vlogs says:

Play some rec room it's awesome also love your vids keep up the awesome work champ

Na Ze:A says:

Next time, they need to use slime rather than tentacle xD

charger rumble6 says:

This game makes me puke because of the tentacles (i have tripophpbiya) probably spelled that wrong but I did for you Finn 👍👊👌

Norain Amer Hamzah says:

Funny vid fynn

Beyond Gaming says:

hey fynnpire what graphics card do you have in your pc

HarryPotter SCAR says:

You're not Cthulu, Cthulu is you're dad.

sarmad gg says:

Does fynn looks different today or isnt just me idk maybe the green screen effect

ItzJuniorBloxx _YT says:

Why&When will you play it again?

ItzJuniorBloxx _YT says:

It looks like a pumpkin🎃🎃

ItzJuniorBloxx _YT says:

Hi Love your channel only been here for 2 months because I've only had my tablet for 2 months+ Awesome Video

William Davis says:

Cthulu is your dad u dummy.

the game project says:

basically this is surgeon simulator crossed with job simulator crossed with japanese stuff (aka tentacles)

Slashcreep says:

This is why you don’t eat octopus… if they get mad they will take over the world.

Isaiah Chavez says:

One day l going to be like you😄

Chiqui Dionisio says:

So far there are 3 peoples saying first

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