In 360 video: An abandoned Soviet military base in western Hungary – BBC News

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Step inside an abandoned Soviet military base in western Hungary. This 360 degrees video takes round the ruins of a Soviet community in communist Hungary. You’ll see what’s left of the Red Army’s barracks, blocks of flats, shops, theatre, cinema, hospital and schools. This site has been deserted since Soviet troops were withdrawn from Hungary at the end of the Cold War in 1991. You’re guided by Marika, who used to work at the base – she got her first job here in 1955 when she was just 15.

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Alphabet Soup says:

Umm, what on earth is this video trying to achieve? The Russians committed awful atrocities against the Hungarian people, particularly during the revolution when they slaughtered so many children. I'm really appalled by the presentation of this clip. What happened to presenting both sides of the story? It would also be worthwhile allowing the Hungarian woman's words be audible, not voiced over by what might be an inaccurate translation into English.

Manchester 360 says:

Very interesting a liked video from me 👍

snouden snouden says:

they fought like Scotsmen and won their freedom

anon j says:

fuck the bbc and their anti russian propaganda ….the people are waking up

Rohit Chauhan says:

This is video of Pripyat City(Northern Ukraine) which is abandoned after nuclear disaster.

carley northcoast says:

Plot twist – this is a University in British Columbia (SFU)

Jivraj singh says:

GTRacing2 was my

Jivraj singh says:

Jivraj singh


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Eric Lynch says:

Russian culture

Tahir Rana says:

So what!!! Wall St funded Communism in Russia (Trotsky anyone)

Igor says:

Hope Russia will be destroyed as soviet unioun colapsed! State of the evil.

Tourniquet Now says:

But somehow bbc wants to reintroduce communism?
The lack of self awareness is frightening.

James Grey says:

The Russians are entirely surrounded by American military bases. They are the bad guys.

dfgrh frhhg says:

Fake news, no proof

Brenda Stolecki says:

This was a stupid video. Just staring at broken concrete? We're you too lazy to walk around?

pablo9364 says:

Is this real of exaggerated by bbc fake news ?

Blazed and Confused says:

This is what the BBC wants to turn the UK into.

Johnny Caruthers says:

So when are we getting a video about the Italian election results? You were swooning over that pro-EU socialist Macron for days when he won the French election last year…is It because you don't like the outcome of the Italian election?

Brussels Broadcasting Corporation


Dear BBC,
Why are you using a glamour shot of yulia? is this an attempt to use a sexualised image to garner support from the British public, as far as the baseless accusations against the Russians?

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