In Solidarity: Women's Marches Across the World | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

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Thousands of people marched in solidarity with American women in Washington in support of equal rights. Listen to voices from Sydney, Cape Town, Bangalore and London.

Byline: The New York Times

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In Solidarity: Women's Marches Across the World | The Daily 360 | The New York Times


TheColonelKlink says:


Morrigan Ravenchild says:

Democracy – you voted him in: live with it!

Anton Leimbach says:

A real man will fight for his lady's rights. Only a coward would do otherwise.

Klaudy Zel says:

Incredible! I was at the march in Chicago, what a great turn out!

peter lee says:

Trump said he will unite people and he did it. He united millions of people in our Great Nation and the world against him and his deplorable cronies, his immoral policies, his constant lies and his misogynistic views.

Productionmark says:

Let them vote… they said 😂

Ra's Al Ghul says:

where's my sandwich?

Ebola Chan says:

Feminism is cancer.

Alex Johnson says:

The zombie walk is supposed to be at Halloween 🎃

Yaliema Kickass says:

I think fight to destory goverment beside the memememememmmeeme do u

Sheesh says:

I disagree with most modern ideas of feminism, I don't think much of their uproar is justified and I think that trump could possibly do some good things (at least for me). But the stupidity of the trump supporters and the opposition of the feminists is just so above and beyond that it really pushes one to a place where he or she wouldn't put themselves if they were in the luxury of a moderate political climate

Carolina Prexl says:

Soros soros soros poor little piece of evil poop HOW MUCH YOU PAID FOR YOUR SLAVES AGAINST OUR LEADER DONALD J TRUMP????

Gus Rudder says:

lesbians marches?

Madman0001 says:

Next trump should release his tax return to prove to the world how bad of a business person he really is – we all know he isn't a billionaire.

Madman0001 says:

Nicely done. Show the world that even after trump lost the election by several million votes – a protest against him had a higher number of people than his inauguration.

Annie says:

These idiotic C*NTS have nothing better to do! SHAME! 🙁
~South Africa~

Noneshere says:

Women want to register for military draft. They want to quit being Given divorce and child custody cases. They dont want 60% Lighter jail sentences. They want their genitals mutilated at birth. Its all not fair.

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