Inside al-Aqsa: A 360° tour of Jerusalem's holiest mosque

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Experience Islam's third holiest site in more detail than ever before through this 4K, ultra-high definition experience. Millions of feet have walked the grounds of al-Aqsa Mosque compound, which has long been a flashpoint for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Now you can join them. Full project:

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Peter Hunt says:

It's a shame the voiceover politicised it. Borderline antisemitic really.

Alba hawk says:

this is not al-Aqsa mosque.

Krisorder says:

arabs are liars that trying to steal the rightful Jewish land

The Beit Hamikdash says:


Tom Butthurt says:

Built after the conquest of Jerusalem about 672

Rupali Hayat says:

I am seeing this for the first time but I had already dreamt about its prayer hall and now I know this is a mosque..

jr ch. says:

Thumb down.👇

jr ch. says:

Why their is a pagan moon god called allah , it dont belongs in the holy holiest,this is abomination.

Ezra Borg says:

No mention of the long, important and strongly fought-over pre-Islamic history of the site.

alfense60 says:

Jesus the only way to the Father for ever ever and Ever but this will be deleted?

Let's kumm says:

What a poor religion. It's not useful for the world.

mark anthony says:

It shouldn't belong to satanic Islam

Maui Caui says:

I'm eating a ham sandwich right now, imams can't do anything, lol

yousif rafat says:

Thank you jazeera for this great work keep it up👏👏🌹

Muhammad Hamza says:

Masha Allah One day I will go there ( Insha Allah)🙏🏽

Mikey Shere says:

Adb al malick invented islam in 691 AD. Study the truth.

Mikey Shere says:

A sick insult to jewish holiest site.

Ifsana Kauser says:

Very beautiful is our masjid Al Aqsa , Allah will protect its beauty always has always will In Sha Allah

Tony Montana says:

The mosque with the gold color dome is not al aqsa mosque. There is another mosque next to this which is the al aqsa mosque

Amina Ahmed says:

Ya Allah protect this holy Mosque

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