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I go inside Grenfell tower in this virtual reality experience made by Channel 4. This VR documentary gives us a glimpse of the lives of the people who lived in Grenfell tower prior to the tragic fire that took place in June 2017.

This just giving page is raising money to help the families of those affected -

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Ewa Marta says:

Have you seen the 9/11 one? I’ve seen it and man I cried for a long time.

Commander Bunny says:

2 years ago today its so sad

HardLuck /RNG hardluck says:

Center of London 😂😂 it was Kensington

Leigh RN says:

From Scotland, living in the USA! Absolutely shocked and appalled that this could happy in Britain. My heart breaks for all those families.

Tanwer Sharafuddin says:

Very well done mike.. sensitively and respectfully portrayed.. I saw it in vr.. was amazing. Well done buddy.

Really touched my heart .. God bless rip to those who died. 🌹🌹♥️

louise Doherty says:

I live in the UK and I saw it on the new it was really really upsetting to watch

tornapart75 says:

This is bullshit. why is it only tragedies involving black or asian people that need to be remembered/plastered all over the media for decades? is this really needed on oculus? i really dont think so. A tower block caught fire and lots of people lost their lives, we get it, its enough now. All the con artists are jumping on the band wagon claiming that they were a tenant and trying to get goods, money and sympathy out of it. They didnt even know who was living there anymore…was apparently a bit of a lawless area as well.

Jason Swepson says:

Very respectful mate. Well done

Glen Orpheus says:

incredibly emotional experience and most probably because i live in the UK and watched this unfold as it happened :(. Massive respect for dropping the adds on this video.
Something else you may be interested in Mike (I've been following this for 2 years), have you seen this its a VR demo of the Titanic that will eventually become a game, but will also be a historical correct experience.

Denis Marchetto says:

Good evening Mike what a powerful story to show off in VR. I was not aware of the story because, the United States and this was never put up on the news. It is definitely a story that tugs at your emotions and VR is the right tool tell a story like this I think because, history comes alive when you will get it for VR headset thanks again for showing this off on your channel have a great evening. Please show more documentaries on your channel if there is powerful as this because we as human beings need to see them.

Paradise Decay says:

Just tried it myself Mike and it had me in tears….. was so powerful, and VR made it more emotional than any TV news coverage could portray.

Demon Highwayman says:

I live in France now and don't watch TV so it was actually my boss and neighbors that told me about it, so the news certainly spread around this part of Europe quickly.

Paradise Decay says:

Such a tragedy and respectfully done, well done MIke! – My heart 'still' goes out to all the families.

SingleRacer says:

A beautifully done video, Mike. I mentioned in my last comment, that I'm getting tired of those "Gimmick Games". But things like this and the Anne Frank Experience, really add a powerful tool to the "Totally Involving Experience" that can be only felt in the immersion that is VR. Thankyou Mike.

Kevin Brook says:

Good video Mike, very respectfully done. I'm going to try and watch this along with the Anne Frank experience over the weekend. Have you tried the Queen Nefarati Tomb experience yet? That's a really impressive free experience om Steam. I like that these educational/human interest stories are being told. A worthy use of virtual reality technology and I'm glad you're covering them.

MrGhostbones says:

Very tastefully done Mike. Thanks for the video.

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