Inside the CMS beam pipe in 360°

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Dive into the heart of the CMS experiment with this 360 video!

With the LHC switched off for a two-year technical stop, the CMS collaboration is replacing the beam pipe that runs through the centre of the detector. The new pipe will allow the extremities of the future pixel detectors to get even closer to where the particles collide.

This video takes you inside the 14 000-tonne detector to see for yourself its inner workings.

Find out more about what CMS has in store as part of #UpgradingLHC:


Dennis says:

When two particles collide in there, is there a flash that's bright enough for someone to see?

Brian Medina says:

Thank you so much for these videos! It gives me such joy to get a glimpse of this wonderful place 🙂 🙂 Hopefully one day I will see it in person.

R. Fransen says:

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Peter Carlson says:

How can the level of experimental physics be so high and the camera technique be so utterly poor? Seriously guys and girls, get a fucking intern who grew up with social apps to handle the cameras for you.

Kazel says:

This is awesome, nice video!

Third Temple Technology Smartphones News VideoGames says:

Not impressed with this nonsense

Nate Free K-9 Help says:

That was cool thank you from Australia 🙂

caitgems1 says:

Does anyone still read sci-fi these days? It's our imagination that makes these things come to fruition. Drews book review is a great new channel to explore.

3800Tech says:

Amazing that the detectors are so huge while the beam pipe is just a tiny tube in the middle.

Steve Mosch says:

blackhole confirmed

84 Ateo says:

So 1st CMS's experimentations has started?

holdmybeer says:

i want to see in-person. but this was a cool gift, thanks cern.

Roboterize says:

You smell that? It is the smell of new discovery.

NGC6144 says:

I hate this LSD panoramic camera effect. I didn't evolve to see this way.

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