Inside the horrors of human trafficking in Mexico (360 VR) – BBC News

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WARNING This is a virtual reality experience where you become a woman who has been trafficked into slavery. It contains scenes of threatened and actual violence and is only suitable for people over 18. This is the story of Maria, a single mother trafficked from Nicaragua to Mexico. For the next seven minutes you will become Maria. Created by: Charlie Newland and Owain Rich

To watch 360 video you will need the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer on your computer.
On mobile - open the video in the latest version of the YouTube app for Android or iOS. You can move your device to control your view.

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quiet me says:

How come all these traffickers aren't executed? If anyone in my family was kidnapped by anybody i would personally go out to where these traffickers are and kill every last one of them. SICK ASS PEOPLE. They shouldn't be allowed to breathe

Padloxyt says:

I never knew the muppets ran a gang.

Chase Me Down the street says:

This is all my fault. Im the devil character aka the "Son" of perdition. I'm the one single being you can blame for everything. Or you can torcher me and crucify me and call me "Son" too. Either way.

r k says:

Horse shit animation!

Chris Creaser says:

I Know it happens,but what a shite out-of-focus video…. 🙁

phillip kalaveras says:

There are some very rich old people who have children blood transfused into them every day

montro electric says:

Ask uncle sam for some freedom but ill cost you some raw materials.

Erik Gustavsson says:

Tons of trafficking happen by the border, the wall is needed to protect our own and more.

Commander says:

Es una pinche caricatura

Liz Loria says:

"Drugs u can sell once ,but women u can sell over and over"

Nicholas Herrstrom says:

This vid gave me the big OOF boys xD epic 👌👌👌💯💯💯💯🤔🤔🤔🤔

The Senate says:

a little bit buggy but its ok right?

Altgrot Cinco says:

FU bbc bull shit!!

Fnord Fnordington says:


DrJams says:

This is why we need to build the wall folks

TheZodiacz says:

However the same BBC which protected Jimmy Saville for decades even though they knew he was a pedophile is now telling everyone that there is nothing to Pizzagate, despite all of the circumstantial evidence of pedophilia in Washington involving the sex trafficking of children. BBC, you have no credibility to speak on matters related to the abuse of children, you forfeited the right to be believed.

miss blackiphon says:

That shit is fucked up…… these people need to die slowly

BENZYT // benzmcpe1234 says:

i cant play it, WUT!

Tlatoani Nezahualcóyotl says:

The BBC should be reporting about Child prostitution in Cuba.

Paul says:

on android have latest update for youtube and it does not work on mobile

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