Is Biking To Work Safe In Los Angeles? | 360-degree video

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Los Angeles is arguably the most dangerous big city in America in which to be a bike rider, which may be why only 1% of people in L.A. commute to work by bike. And it’s getting more dangerous by the year. L.A. Times Opinion writer Matthew Fleischer takes you on a 360-degree tour of his morning bike commute to point out the pitfalls of cycling to work in L.A. — and what it would take to make the city a safer place for cyclists. 

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al a says:

cool video. I don't have a car. I've been a bike commuter for many years in LA,. (a choice and a lifestyle) LA is a car culture. you got the hipsters, the thugs, the invincibles, all on bikes not following the rules, no helmets, no common sense, no considerations…all self centered knuckleheads. always safety first, don't end up on the news headlines.

Daizy10231023 says:

This was helpful!

Aaden Daniels says:

To heck with that commute by bike. Bus or walk it, your lifespan may increase.

ninemilliondollars says:

I appreciate your effort, yet, do not agree with where you rode. There are streets – although not exactly parallel to Glendale Blvd – that could take to make the journey safer. Why don't you use those? In the 'burbs of Chicago I've seen many bikers riding on extremely busy roads when there are safe alternatives. And I ride a lot, but know to keep away from streets exposing me to a bad time.

sheila grayman says:

Great job. Thanks for sharing, this.
I am very motivated, now.

They call me Alf says:

I try to ride though residential neighborhoods as they are often paved better have much less traffic and a lower speed limit. A map app that gives you that type of alternative routes. where you at!

lazer tag says:

you dont have to worry about sweat if you ride an electric scooter or unicycle.. way faster and funner

Mike Ziav says:

you need to take over the line what you did is wrong this may

Bilal Sardar says:

i liked the 360 view format

Thamor Elf says:

I'm afraid of getting hit by a damn car. I live on Normandie and in the Torrance area and the traffic is kinda fast

Xavier Pierre says:

this is just like most cities im sure you can find back streets if you feel that uncomfortable with the main roads

Albthe says:

ive never seen a 360 video before wow so cool

Geek Skills says:

I am seriously considering doing a 2 hr bike commute in LA. This video helped me immensely. Thanks.

Son Of Dad says:

If Los Angeles is going to have a safe bike culture, bike riders need to do their part in being safe.

Russell Spradlin says:

So glad my commute is nothing like this guy's. 'Looks dicey.

Patrick94GSR says:

4:41 that's one of the few good justifications for using a sidewalk IMHO, going across the top of a "T" intersection and passing all the traffic. Just beware of traffic you pass having to pass you again, as that tends to piss motorists off more than usual. But it's good if there are no pedestrians and you have a turn close by.
5:48 with all those hazards, it would be far better, easier, and LESS STRESSFUL to ride in the travel lane through there. There's another travel lane so cars can still pass. That's actually a really bad location and design for a bike lane. Trying to get cyclists killed, it seems like.
6:29 please don't confuse "protected bike lane" (which is actually a misnomer, there's no such thing in reality) with the correct term "Separated Cycle Track". For one thing, paint and flex posts don't protect anyone from anything. And secondly, with California's mandatory bike lane laws, since a separated cycle track is not legally part of the roadway, a separate cycle track is not mandatory use. So someone who chooses not to use one due to their inherent hazards can legally use the travel lane instead. Terminology made seem trivial, but their legal meanings can be very important.

Justin Robert says:

Not stoping at a stop sign is crazy. How would that be safer for people on bikes or people driving cars?

Troy Sincomb says:

I used to bike to school and work that were 2 miles away. Almost got hit by shit drivers 3 times! Im okay with driving 2 miles sir.

momma says:

get on the side walk

Jeff says:

So bikers should get to run stop signs bc they are le tired? Walk or take public transit

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