Is It Working? (Poppy VR 180 Experience)

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This video is designed to be viewed on a VR headset.

I Disagree (album) out January 10, 2020



Tony Yul says:

I love her in her scaleras

spanzzer says:

I had an epileptic experience 😂 but i liked it

Comfortable Fetus says:

no, it isn't working

just a black screen for me

Jaded Sieger says:

It's time to leave

:Uhh what? Ohhhhkay Imma head out
Plus I'm the kind of guy that talks to that person talking in these kind of videos, well, it's VR, you bever know.

atx23rd says:

I just found her channel again and I’m not disappointed at all

This is awesome

Shay Brooks says:

Causing seizures worldwide since 2017

Suvvri says:

watch before sleep to fuel your nightmares

Yes Hi says:

She is not scary

Archana Mahapatra says:

I want to join you..I m depressed 7894383376

CrepeNOTpancake says:

Only she know how many subs she has…..👌

Mara Mendez says:

Aaaaah me encantassssss

Tyler Stan says:

No hate but she should have put a disclaimer for flashing lights, someones gonna have a seizure-

Kali Taylor says:

Its creepy you can move the video

hello hello says:

kind of videos that I love to watch at 3:00 or 4:00 am , but Poppy this look like a very very bad dream not bad scary 😁👍

BoBy DuDe says:

First five seconds of me watching and in the next five I am gone

4 0 0 0 subscribers with C L T R L U N I V E R S E says:

This is my sleep paralysis

xx dab godxx plaz says:

It's working

Teddy Bear UvUz says:

Poppy:do you understand?
Me:no, not really
Poppy:"turns and go back in the dark"
Also me:wait… Did she heard me when i said no…… Omfg, "looks behind"…..

ju lee says:

Bitch I'm scared

shreya Grainger says:

Now it's confirm that poppy the member of Illuminati

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