It'd be unfair if I got deported; my kids serve in the army (VR/360)

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As the undocumented mother of American army-members, Imelda and her husband are eligible for a parole in place (PIP). This protection benefits undocumented relatives of army members, protecting them from deportation and opening a path for residency. Under Trump PIP could end.


Main Street says:

Kids can stay YOU GTFO all illegals do not belong anywhere in USA… go away we hate scamming foreigners ripping off American jobs houses and people


Good for them for serving, but this country already served you & your illegal parents with every free service available. Their goal was to give you a better life. Now it's time for them to go. Your successful children can now send you money home where you belong. Bye!

Steven Mausehardt says:


Me Mine says:

Notice they always have big houses or apartments.she dosen't give a dam about this country. They just enlist to stay. Bullshit


How can she be undocumented and have a kid in the army and a house ?????? How did she manage to get past all the info needed to get a job house and have her kid in the army?

spot light says:

All this crap of tolerating ILLEGAL immigrants is WRONG! When a foreigner enters the USA ILLEGALLY, they should be deported the same day! Immediate deportation is the solution to the ILLEGAL immigration problem! Nothing to figure out!

Franky Daniel says:

good on your kids but why should that keep you here. your parents are criminals and need to be gone

Maria Perez says:

No tengo palabras, amiga querida! ♥ mis lágrimas identifican . lo mismo que senti por muchos , muchos años, ! Dios podra los medios para arreglar esto! Te quiero mucho, ! ♥♥♥

Evans Allison says:

so no puras bavosadas ya la gente se malaconstumbro porque el gobierno lesda todo si en la usa solo viven gente dela vida alegre su violencia nique la fregada pura gente ridicula

Marco Palma says:

yo nada más digo que al momento de cruzar la frontera ilegalmente ya sabían a que le tiraban y que pueden ser deportados en cualquier momento, para qué tanta lloradera? además ni que México fuera norcorea no mamen y si sus hijos son nacidos aquí pues que vayan y los visiten.

Cesar Sánchez says:

todos los hispanos estamos acostumbrados a romper las leyes en nuestros países, en Estados Unidos hay leyes y se tienen que respetar, y si no la respeta uno va haber consecuencias, si ya sabíamos que esto iba a pasar tarde o temprano para que nos quejamos.

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