It’s Carnival! Join the Party | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

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From Brazil to Italy and, of course, New Orleans, take to the streets with revelers celebrating the subversion of everyday norms.

By: Dado Galdieri, Drew Gardner, William Widmer, Joshua Thomas

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It’s Carnival! Join the Party | The Daily 360 | The New York Times


Indoozeefa says:

does somebody know the name of the song wich plays 00:3700:53 ?

FatCunFan says:

u should take a look at the carnival of Aalst or in the local dialect: Oilsjt Carnaval

k- teezy says:

"Cultural Enrichment" everyone, this is what the NyT boils down to in this day and age

Adam Di Filippe says:

Great video 🙂

Trish Moore says:

NY Times, CNN = Very Fake News.

Steve C says:

We see you… the masses have awoken. New York Times = FAKE NEWS

Ana Paula C says:


Daniel Appleton says:

Maybe not just like " being there ", but pretty interesting !

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