Limbo: A virtual experience of waiting for asylum – Guardian VR – 360 video

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There are approximately 31,500 asylum seekers in the UK waiting for a decision about their asylum status. This film allows you to experience what it is like to live in this period of limbo, waiting for a decision that will affect the rest of your life.

It's best to watch this 360 video in with a Google cardboard headset if you have one.
If you are watching in the web browser the experience is best viewed in 1440s quality or above. Please note the Safari web browser does not support 360 video.

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Tolga Akgül says:

bulanık gören tek benmiyim aq

Obliterated Sunset says:

Fascinating piece
My first venture into watching VR and I'm not disappointed.

Blazed and Confused says:

Who gives a fuck. Beats getting decapitated at the town's square by the local Mullah.

Gregory Valencia says:

Mexicans feel like this everyday

Nellie K. Adaba says:

I'm not a 360 VR/video fan.

The Second says:

" The guardian" world no.1 rank news & pioneer for billions people on planet.

Rostislav Adam says:

A lot of people cannot imagine that they can be in this situation before they will be.

Fearthe Spearof says:

I immigrated legally from Syria to the United States to play piano professionally, and when I got here I do not remember having an out of body experience flying down the street looking at everything in black in white.. Whatever refugee you have been consulting to create this VR experience is on some pretty hard hallucinogens probably bought from the government handouts that you endorse giving them.

Yso Sirius says:

Your current government destroyed your homes and neighbors, destroying your schools, libraries, museums and culture. They are now preparing to steal your natural resources and slice up the countryside for the conquerors to split up and build military bases……

Flying Kiwi says:

An interstate concept but the video took so long to load I gave up on it 20 seconds in. I've been watching other VR videos for the past half hour and none have been this ridiculously slow. Such a shame.

Awesome Avenger says:

Where are all the Ukrainian asylum seekers? Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes from Russian aggression. But do we ever hear about them? How many Ukrainian refugees has the UK taken in? Where is the demand from Europe to give these people a refuge? Why is there no demand to help on their behalf?

ThatGuyAlex says:

England is my City.

SoCali Surfer says:

Muslims, for 60 generations have been NOT integrating into other cultures but rather taking them over.

The West is denying reality.

Lydia L Pineault says:

Absolutely fascinating and riveting! Thank you! 😍

3D-VR-360 VIDEOS says:

I'm using VR Box 2.0. It's like you have been teleported into the video 😎

ThisIsMyNewNameGoogleAreYouHappyNow? says:

can you do one but for deportation instead.

yung trol says:

is the video black and white or is my videocard broken?

in love with Manchester Cunnington says:

better than being in a war zone? its a good job all our men in 1940 didn't go to a neutral country isn't it?

Jon Mapa says:

England is full

nokeechia says:

Great use of tech, and emotive piece

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