Mantas Flying on the Edge | Racing Extinction (360 Video)

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A group of more than 50 Manta Rays feeding on plankton appeared, demonstrating their curiosity and grace. "Flying" through the waters off the coast of Mexico these aquatic wonders appeared while feeding near whale sharks.

Join a conservation biologist on an interactive mission to learn how animals critical to the world’s ecosystem thrive and survive in the wild.

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Deelis Doge says:

the diver looks nice

李懿荣 says:


Nancy Z says:

Some really racist comments.

حسوني سمايل HD says:

شترك بقناتي

Andrej says:

Well the yputibe chanel is abot animals bit the tv chanell should be called human planet

Ijoy Ijoy says:


Ross Harris says:

There was much footage of blue water. Not enough of the rays?

Susan Patterson says:

Where are the rays?! I see divers and diver bubbles. If you want to talk about rays, you need to show rays!

fijifaygo says:

I love these 360 vids keep it going

GrowingDownUnder says:

The title proves the earth is flat, here is some mantas flying on the edge

Manchester 360 says:

Wow I love this – amazing video a liked video from me 👍👍

Gacha Jazzy says:

Omg poor babies 😭

ClassyShows says:

What is going to happen to the ecosystem if manga rays disappear?

Jason R says:

Humans will destroy everything sooner than later

Elena says:

I love these kind of videos!

DD G says:

It's so annoying how many innocent animals are dissapering because of fake medicine traditions 🙁

KΔZΔN † says:

Pure Beauty, getting killed by humans.


What is this world.

Greatest Ever says:

That was sooooo flipping awesome. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕

Saucy livin says:

This gets me dizzy

Nando Ginkaku says:

Japanese and chinese are overfishing. I understand japanese doing so because they're an island and all but still…

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