Massive Crater Discovered Under Greenland Ice – HD

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In a remote area of northwest Greenland, an international team of scientists has made a stunning discovery, buried beneath a kilometer of ice. It’s a meteor impact crater, 300 meters deep and bigger than Paris or the Beltway around Washington, DC. It is one of the 25 largest known impact craters on Earth, and the first found under any of our planet’s ice sheets. The researchers first spotted the crater in July 2015, while they were inspecting a new map of the topography beneath Greenland's ice sheet that used ice-penetrating radar data primarily from Operation IceBridge, an ongoing NASA airborne mission to track changes in polar ice, and earlier NASA airborne missions in Greenland.
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Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Jefferson Beck Footage and co-production courtesy of the National History Museum of Denmark/University of Copenhagen, the Underground Channel, and the Alfred Wegener Institute Music credit: "Timelapse Variations - Remixed" Natalie Draper, Composer Original recording: Symphony Number One, SNOtone Records Dan Rorke, Audio Engineer Jordan Smith, Music Director If you liked this video, subscribe to the NASA Goddard YouTube channel: Follow NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center · Instagram · Twitter · Twitter · Facebook: · Flickr


zencat999 says:

and yet….world "leaders" still squabble about meaningless shit about imaginary lines called "country borders" and ignoring the possibility, the reality of another large meteor colliding with earth and wiping human civilization from the planet. sad and ignorant people. too short sighted and greedy to see the coming disaster. …………have a nice day.

AmsterdamHeavy says:

been waiting for this one to be found

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