Meant to Resettle Refugees, An Empty Home | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

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A refugee family from Myanmar expected to move into a house in St. Paul, Minn., this month. Furnished and full of toys, it will sit empty for a while. Look inside.

By: Brittany Greeson, Logan Jaffe, Samantha Quick

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Meant to Resettle Refugees, An Empty Home | The Daily 360 | The New York Times


Abid Rizvi says:

All Muslims are followers of Jesus Christ and all the prophets mentioned in the Bible. If You ban Muslims ,you are banning followers of Jesus and you will have to answer to God on the Day of Judgement for the Evil Deeds which may lead you to Hell.

Dottie's Opinion says:

Who did that house belong to before the banks for closed on it, and is that family now homeless

6th I says:

What a blatant attempt at emotional blackmail. Pathetic.

Jo Mama says:

NYTs won't exist in 4 yrs…THANK GOD!!!

jokerbookshop says:

If you really want to make refugees feel welcome in America you should get them Dallas Cowboys gear, because Cowboys are America's team.

Kerri Forsberg says:

How many young fighting age men can it house as well?

818Staccato Beats says:

Give that home to a veteran. They deserved it

martin brooks says:

there are so many homeless people in America, and know one will give them a home, just saying

Ramona Lee says:

Boycott the NYT. They are spreading propaganda.

Annie says:

GET OVER IT DARLING!!! Stop sounding so negative. Trust me … Trumps has done the RIGHT THING! We experience UNTOLD problems with illegal migrants and self-appointed refugees fleeing neighbouring countries seeking a brighter, more prosperous future … but at a HUGE COST on so many levels, and OFTEN, such results in a number of deaths. The migrants end up living in constant fear too, because the locals simply don't want to accept them.
~South Africa~ xox

2degucitas says:


Aidan Griffiths says:

so they can move in along with the other 50,000 in 120 days

garrettcall says:

Nice propaganda there, NYT… dodging facts like good reporting should.

treelishan says:

who pays for the house?

TheVincent441 says:

I've been an American all my life, how come i can't live in a place that looks this good?

mai schmidt says:

PROPAGANDA 101 Did you hear the crack in her sad voice? That was the sound of the Law of the Land being enforced.Where is the house for an American who is homeless?

citywide916 says:

Really? I'm pretty sure they could find another deserving family already in the U.S. The hardest part is telling the landlord hes not going to be getting a government check? What is this, certainly not news is it?

ngombordado attay says:

When I was a young man I called Nixon a pig. What shall I call Trump?

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