Meet Hayden – Rescued from dog meat farm!

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Hayden was among 170 dogs rescued by Humane Society International from a dog meat farm in South Korea that we shut down. This was the 10th dog meat farm we've closed in our campaign.

Your support changes lives!


Destination Paradise says:


Christina Smith says:

Do you guys rescue pigs, chickens, cows, etc from slaughter houses too?

155chipmunkz says:

Poor doggos.

Betty Figge says:

Stop theses meat farm of dogs

cher z says:

This "dog meat trade" is a practice that is not only, cruel and barbaric but it's also an "horrific treatment of these animal's" and it's enough to make one scream in horror, and it has to stop. Dog's are loving, loyal, sweet companion's, even family members. Dog's are not FOOD!!

omenow says:

The SAME applies to the pigs, cows and chicken that you eat everyday. Open your minds.

Steve Tate says:

Hayden is so cute!!!!!!!

fat Jelly says:

CUTE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Elsje Massyn says:

I listened to "The Thinking Atheist" on his Youtube Channel and he told me wonderful things about the Humane Society.
Thanks for doing world wide rescues, rehabilitation and rehoming of precious abandoned animals.
I have no words to express how wonderful you are.

jadex38 says:

Wow! From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!!!!

Jennifer Loving says:

Thanks for saving these animals!

anmlvrs says:

Love you, Hayden..😘😘😘 That's OK, Honey..We love you, everybody loves you..🐶🐕🌵🌷🌷💞💟…With All My Respect to Korea Government, we expect your Government make new constitution to ban your people from trading and eating dogs as food..🙏🙏🙏

susanna bettella says:

Questo è il mondo che mi piace!

*Veganislife* says:

And tell us – did you go home afterwards and eat chicken, beef, lamb, eggs or fish? or did you eat a vegan meal????

Gulam Vira says:

God bless this new family and the rescuers

My Pets says:

So precious my heart is heavy ❤️❤️

ASM animal safety matters says:

I HATE people abusing animals like this!there's no point.

Ary Diana says:

Hayden ♥ you're beautiful and so lucky now, you and all the other poor dogs rescued from these "Death farm". Thank you guys, you're heroes & Angels. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

Ali Abbas Kazmi says:

Thank you for saving these poor and scared animals. Your one effort saved many innocent life's.

dicolamia54 saba says:

Questo video mi ha riempito il cuore di gioia!! Grazie per Hayden e grazie che avete salvato 170 vite innocenti!!!

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