Mega Coaster: Get Ready for the Drop (360 Video)

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Strap in for the ride of a lifetime on a twisting steel behemoth of fun. This scream machine will push you into the back of your seat over 4,000 feet of track, with a half dozen inversions and speeds topping out over 60 miles an hour. This ride will feel more real than ever, save for the part where you have to wait in line.

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Fahed Sifi says:


K. Morris says:


My Emoji says:

That made me vomit??????

John Cena says:

How to get VR For free xD

21pilotsatdadisco says:

i luv deez vids

Kaneki Ken says:

360 videos feel like I the thing are happening in reality! Like if you agree

Alex Rodriguez says:

is sou cool

Rosy Silva says:

Bom dia eu amei. Parabens

GTA XD says:

I watching this on device without support 360 and it looks like i halucinating.

SophieeXD says:

I get dizzy after xD

Aiyana the gymnast 2008 says:

If I was on this ride I would be dead like if u agree

Оля и т says:

AA the main thing that threw up in my mouth!

VR 360 TV says:

This video just seems to be getting bigger and bigger, great job Discovery : )

Desert Lizard says:

I watch this video every night.. it always make me dizzy and put me to sleep

Sergio Acosta says:

Que locos ud jajaja me gusta es divertido

Владимир Зогайнов says:

Хватит арать

Eğlence diyarı says:

Çok kork tum

Anonimo Anonimo says:

Esto marea @.@

Turtle says:

now i can be in a roller coaster without being scared to death

maahil maseeh says:

wow amazing!!!
i almost felt a little dizzy XD

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