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In 2017 the biggest number of potentially habitable worlds were discovered outside of our solar system. Their planetary system is called TRAPPIST-1. This new NASA VR experience gives us a tour of these exoplanets!
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There are at least 7 planets discovered orbiting in TRAPPIST-1. And 3 of them are potentially habitable for us humans! We find that intensily interesting, so today we check out NASA'S Exoplanet Excursions, an educational VR experience about these planets. Let's find out which planet we would like to live in the most!

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Cas and Chary VR says:

We would love to still be alive when humans move to a different planet! Do you believe in life beyond earth?

Billy Bang Bang says:

Yes, I do believe… I do believe… I do believe, with all my heart and soul… that there are strange and new exotic life forms and great civilizations beyond our Solar system, on other planets, in thousand of yet unfound Star systems !!!

billieamos1 says:

Wow that was really educational I enjoyed every minute of it

dark2deeds says:

Do you know if this will be available on the go

Demon Highwayman says:

Yep I believe in life on other planets and other parts of space. And most of us should see Mars colonized in our lifetimes if Elon Musk gets his way.

James Davis says:

I hope someday we can move to the stars and settle other worlds……thank you for sharing, enjoy your streams a lot…….

Acas Gaming says:

I do believe there's something outside our world but there's nothing intelligent like us

Paradise Decay says:

I was looking at this the other day

Tiff Koerner says:

I totally believe in aliens and wish I could be alive when we explore other planets. Very cool!

Beedy KH says:

I want to live in mars

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