No hardhat or miner’s light required: A 360 video tour of a Los Angeles subway under construction

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Look up. Look down. Look all around as you bore under the city of Los Angeles, 60 feet below the brew pubs and poke shops with a crew of hardhats and the mechanical gopher of a machine that's clawing out a new subway route.


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Rudexzandex Rudex says:

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Patrick Fallon says:

This was really well done! Great use of the 360 medium with different augmented reality and graphics too.

Joe Celko says:

This is a really good video! Now can we get some figures on how much per mile. This project is costing, how much per passenger transported it's going to cost, etc.? Building tunnels in the city known for earthquakes and gas pockets is always a little risky… As far as I've seen the LA subway system is mostly a movie set, without a lot of passenger traffic. Kind of like the real system here in Austin, which was full profiled in Forbes for its empty platforms and railcars.

Ace says:

What a fucking waste of money by LA.

Nigel Stewart says:

Great report.

Danny Oliva says:


3D-VR-360 VIDEOS says:

Interesting viewpoint

Dwight Sturtevant says:

Very Well Done Video Thank You LA Times

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