Old farmer at risk of deportation because of a DUI from 20 years ago (VR/360)

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Don Jose, 67, has lived in the United States as an undocumented immigrant for almost half of his life. More than 20 years ago he was detained by the police for driving under the influence (DUI). Although he paid his sentence and completed community service, de could be deported for having a criminal record. Because of this old misdemeanor, Don Jose is at a higher risk of deportation under the Trump administration.


Ray Milligan says:

he knows trump believes in Laws, and he doesn't, and even admits it on the Video !

Ray Milligan says:

Built a giant Catapult and Fling them back , next passenger, !

Ray Milligan says:

Illegals don't care about our Laws, get out of of our Country , if you refuse to do it the right way !

elba car says:

Odia a Trump, manejo tomado y se cree victima ? Wow no importa que viejo sea tiempo de regresar.

Steven Mausehardt says:


bkwarner3 says:

I wonder if he got sent back? If not, he needs to be the next to go.

Mr. Mike says:

No hablo englese? "AHHH-DEEE-OOOOOs"

Harry Eastwood says:

Send the SOB Back. 20 years here and didn't apply for Citizenship or LEARN to speak English? Send him back. F' him.

John Easler says:

if he's illegal, throw his ass out of the country. period.

esther singh says:

Good by and don't let the American flag hit you in the ass.

Jose Duran says:

Felons need to go, this guy is trash.

spot light says:

He's at RISK of deportation? He should have been deported the same day he ILLEGALLY entered the country!

Joe TV says:

Undocumented immigrant? You mean an illegal alien. Stop with the pity bs. It’s his fault for not pursuing the legal way of becoming a US citizen. There are legal ways. Folks from all over the world seem to go about it the right way. For some reason folks south of the US. Want to break the law n not have to pay the consequences

Bill Colello says:

12 hours of drinking and then he drives.that's the problem with these people.no intelligence.

MrRhomas913 says:

He has been here for over 30 years and does not even know English? Sounds like he never planned on staying.

snoop alert says:

20 years and does not speak a word of English send him packing

snoop alert says:

bye bye next

Jose Sanchez says:

my dad has been a resident for more than 30 years he got a ticket 20 years ago he was drunk and he try to became a uscitizen but the lawyer told him that he could get deported if he try to became a us citizen because of that ticket..

JR Alvarado says:

Muy Buen Vídeo Esa es mi jente trabajadora saludos desde Jalisco México…echenle ganas.

Eduardito Oficial says:

Repect tiene mucha razón el Abuelo… Trump piénsalo… Si deportes ala gente trabajadora te quedarás sin quien podrá fertilizar y tratar tus tierras y si las deportas y usas máquinas arruinaran todos los cultivos ninguna u otra nación querrá comprar tus vegetación y no te quedará de otra que comprar a otros países y te las venderán elevadas no seas tonto Trump piénsalo bien

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