Pac-Man Museum (360/PS3/PC) Trailer

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Originally uploaded on Mar 12, 2014
"DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to this game, nor anything Namco-related.

The best Pac-Man title since Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, although this is a compilation of past installments rather than a new title. I'm still waiting for a good new Pac-Man title, like a Pac-Man World 4. This is a start, though. Anyways, the included titles are:
Pac-Man Battle Royale
Pac & Pal
Super Pac-Man
Pac-Man Arrangement
Pac-Man Championship Edition
Ms. Pac-Man (DLC)
My only complaint is that they included the crummy Ghostly Adventures characters that no one cares about, and they also had nothing to do with the titles in this compilation. (Besides Pac-Man and the Ghost Gang of course.) Also, where are the Nintendo versions of this game? I heard they were cancelled due to "delayed development", but why?! Oh well, at least I have a PS3."

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