Pac-Man perfect level Achievement

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A guide for the Pac-Man 360 achievement

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charlie Hoss says:

pain in the ass lol

Hyperstar96 says:

It doesn't work.

hwoting says:

the song on the original video sucked ass man but this shit is even worse wtf is wrong with u

HotFuzz34 says:

Can only get them all once. 🙁

phillyeagleskikass36 says:

whats the name of this song , and by the way pretty filth

Vito Lucarelli says:

i think it's level 1

CDMiller89 says:

On my game, they have a totally different movement pattern, like right at the start where you pass by the pink one, instead, I get cornered there by the Red and Blue ghosts…..

Cory Spiers says:

hey uggles2, "just because you a fag? who likes to steal from other?"
wow, learn some grammar you fucktard, maybe your mother can teach you when im done screwing her

Zaruma says:

you guys are arguing over pacman…seriosly

Wezilla says:

oops sorry wrong page please delete

Wezilla says:

Sorry hate to say this is not perfect

uggles2 says:

dude no im not. calm down, no need for yelling. just because you a fag who likes to steal from other doesnt mean you have to share it. calm down, just calm down

skozy2 says:

dude, you are taking this thing too far, so what he stole the vid, leave a comment saying ur thoughts n leave it, why get so menstrual over it

uggles2 says:

calm down man. jesus christ ur having ur period. i dont have pacman, and i dont know y u think i would. i think ur trying to look tough, but ur really doing a bad job. u probably took 3 hours to come up with that comment. haha

uggles2 says:

dude whats ur problem, u stole this video from madhead4000 and u take credit for it. u dont even mention his name. ur a fag, thats the truth

uggles2 says:

u no he stole this video from madhead4000 right?

uggles2 says:

yeah ur right that is ur vid. what an asshole. im flagging this guy

Jonan says:

Awesome achievement for the hardcore gamers. This is the only achievement I don't have in Pacman.

derick vinson says:

that was damn good!

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