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Relax, meditate and enjoy this virtual nature meditation video with spatial audio from the comfort of home. (More)

Come and explore an adventurous diving experience in the beautiful reef's of the Bahamas. Stuart Cove's diving experience gives tourists a surreal moment to enjoy the beauties that the Caribbean has to offer. Come and explore a virtual reality 360 video experience at Stuart Cove's. (More)

360° Great white shark dive with Calypso Star Charters in Port Lincoln, South Australia. Experience diving with great whites on your computer or tablet OR for the best experience, watch on a VR Head Mounted Display (HMD) or put your phone in a Google Cardboard Viewer. - (More)

The call for #fajrprayer at the #aqsa mosque in #jerusalem. Third holiest site in #Islam. (More)

He has come a long way both literally and figuratively from his days as a poor shepherd boy in North Africa, but Ben Amor is a symbol of what can happen when someone’s American Dream comes true. The successful career man reinvented himself again after a dream in 1983 of children crying because they were dying of starvation. Unable to forget the sound, he founded Terra-Genesis Inc., a nonprofit agency that began as a way to try to end world hunger through technology. (More)

‘Vei lomani’ is a Fijian expression meaning ‘love in action’, and it is a value at the heart of Fijian life. And it is in the spirit of ‘vei lomani’ that Fijians are coming together to respond to the impacts of climate change. Experience the story of Catalina, Rai, Asmita and Rupeni in 360° VR, and explore more at ‘Our Home, Our People’ is best viewed with a VR headset and headphones. (More)

‘Vei lomani’ is a Fijian expression meaning ‘love in action’, and it is a value at the heart of Fijian life. And it is in the spirit of ‘vei lomani’ that Fijians are coming together to respond to the impacts of climate change. Experience the story of Catalina, Rai, Asmita and Rupeni in 360° VR, and explore more at (More)

360-degree Virtual Reality has been declared ‘The Ultimate Empathy Machine’. Facebook, Google, Samsung and others are investing many millions into it; the UN has even established a dedicated VR production division. Yet what potential does it have for engaging audiences and advocating for change-related work and causes?
Tom Perry has led six different VR productions for the World Bank in recent years, including Our Home, Our People – a climate change co-production with the Fijian Government that has been seen by more than one million people, including a host of world leaders online and at festivals and events worldwide.
Learn about the process of planning and shooting a narrative-focused VR series, and recommendations for changemakers hoping to achieve communications cut-through with VR. (More)

In Part 3 of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program VR 360 Tour, NASA STEM Engagement Specialist Rachel Power gives you a closer look at the Boeing CST-100 Starliner. This immersive, Virtual Reality tour takes you inside the Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center where the Starliner is being built. Visit for more STEM educational resources featuring NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. (More)

Reported today on Reuters Science (More)

SONG: Opposite the Other - Stutter Love (More)

This is a 360 video. Pan to look round. The dog team appears at ~0:40. (More)

Russians love dog sled racing — and now you can see why (More)

Ride along with musher Mikahil Fateye as he leads his sled dogs to win a 10km race on December 10, 2016. Held in Kadnikovo, Russia, the competition attracts amateur and professional teams from the Ural region. Dog sled racing is gaining popularity in Russia, with local clubs popping up across the country. (More)

Drag to explore the scene as dog musher Brent Sass arrives in Fairbanks to win the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race on Feb. 11, 2019. (Marc Lester / ADN) (More)

Climb aboard the case for limiting fishing on the high seas. In this 360° video, we turn you into a yellowfin tuna to take you inside the argument. (More)

Made in GarageBand and iMovie. iMovie is confusing…Xp
Also, my mic isn’t working, so I can’t continue SMC, but whatever it was sucky anyways.
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"Ebola Outbreak" is an immersive 360 experience filmed on the ground in West Africa. (More)

Relentless bombings in the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan have forced civilians there to hide in caves. Hear the story of Hanan, a mother trying to protect her children from the bombs, as part of our VR series, We Who Remain, following the lives of four people living through the war. Watch the full series here: Produced in partnership with Nuba Reports and Emblematic Group. (More)

Zermatt, Switzerland, offers spectacular views of the Matterhorn from every angle. Come hit the slopes in the Alps. (More)

African violets. A ukulele. “The first impression of me is a man of violence,” B.H. Barry said. But his home suggests otherwise. Step inside as part of our What I Love series. (More)

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How did the slaves become slaves? (More)

How the slaves were treated? (More)

I Am Rohingya is the first virtual reality documentary on the Rohingya refugee crisis and ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. (More)

December 2017 we joined Amref Flying Doctors on an inspiring trip to Kenya. We followed young Maasai girl Sereya, who is one of many young girls saying ‘no’ to FGM (Female Genital Mutilation); a practice that unfortunately is still widely spread within this, otherwise beautiful, culture. (More)

This 360° virtual reality video follows the experiences of two Filipinos living in Upper Campo Islam, Mindanao, a region in the Philippines affected by decades-old conflict now looking to rebuild. Through their memories, hopes and fears, we learn the past, present and future price of conflict. | To view 360 videos on your desktop, use Chrome or Firefox. For mobile, open in the YouTube app. (More)

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2019年は特に後半から個人的によくこの島にお世話になりました。 (More)

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Europa Park, Rust, Germany (More)