Take a tour inside the State Apartments at Windsor Castle and discover some of the most treasured objects in the Royal Collection. (More)

Greenland, the massive Arctic landmass that’s bigger than Mexico, is about 80% covered in ice containing about 10% of the world’s freshwater reserves. This 360-degree tour of Greenland gives a unique perspective on how climate change is imperiling a significant portion of this landlocked ice as polar regions of the planet warm faster than other areas. (More)

In February 2020, One Family ambassador Richard Whitehead MBE visited our Refugee Fund partner, the National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs (NSPPL). (More)

In the virtual reality series "The Female Planet," watch the story of Tiera Fletcher, a Boeing aerospace engineer working with NASA to design the rocket to launch humankind to the moon and on to Mars. Get a 360 degree look into Tiera's career, her groundbreaking work, and how she's leading the "Mars generation." (More)

As the undocumented mother of American army-members, Imelda and her husband are eligible for a parole in place (PIP). This protection benefits undocumented relatives of army members, protecting them from deportation and opening a path for residency. Under Trump PIP could end. (More)

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Ever wondered what North Korea looks like from above? I flew over the North Korean capital with a 360 camera attached to the bottom of a micro-plane. Navigate the streets and landmarks of Pyongyang from this never-before-seen angle, in this exclusive 360 video. (More)

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Brad Pitt, Billie Eilish, Regina King, Laura Dern, "Parasite," Cynthia Erivo, Natalie Portman, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson and more own the Oscars red carpet! (More)

The video is recorded on 06/25/2017. (More)

DIY Embroidery Hoop Weaving inspired by Chuseok. SCROLL FOR DIRECTIONS. Don't forget to give today's video a THUMBS UP and COMMENT BELOW with ideas for future episodes! (More)

Master weaver Yvonne Koolmatrie is passionate about preserving the near lost art of Ngarrindjeri weaving. (More)

Sonic is now in Minecraft in this 360° Minecraft VR Video! Do you think you can complete the Green Hills Zone?! Find out in this 360 Video! (More)

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The classic stand up arcade game re-imagined in Virtual Reality! Fly around in space, blow up asteroids, and defeat alien invaders at Escape Reality. (More)

I play Rec Room VR Game and go on a quest to retrieve the legendary Golden Trophey from the evil goblin king and bring it back to the great Coach. (More)

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The footage is nothing new. Anthony Walsh and Matahi Drolliet ooze into flawless crystalline Tahiti over and over again via their Omni warped-to-spherical 360 camera. The kicker here, though, is in the new editing software. GoPro has released a user-friendly program called OverCapture, and the tweaks here are noticeable compared to the edit's original release. (More)

Riding snowboard in Gudauri, Georgia. Made with Xiaomi mi360 (More)

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The Arctic is changing. 2016 saw record temperatures worldwide, in some places it reached 20C (68 F) above the average. As a result the Arctic is melting. In 2016 the Northwest passage had an ice-free summer, allowing cruise ships access to one of the most remote places on Earth. This virtual tour is a more environmentally-friendly way to view this majestic landscape, and a stark reminder of the consequences of our environment-damaging behaviour. (More)

‘Vei lomani’ is a Fijian expression meaning ‘love in action’, and it is a value at the heart of Fijian life. It is in the spirit of vei lomani that Fijians are coming together to respond to the impacts of climate change. Experience the story of Catalina, Rai, Asmita and Rupeni in 360° VR, and explore more at www.ourhomeourpeople..com. (More)

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In a remote area of northwest Greenland, an international team of scientists has made a stunning discovery, buried beneath a kilometer of ice. It’s a meteor impact crater, 300 meters deep and bigger than Paris or the Beltway around Washington, DC. It is one of the 25 largest known impact craters on Earth, and the first found under any of our planet’s ice sheets. The researchers first spotted the crater in July 2015, while they were inspecting a new map of the topography beneath Greenland's ice sheet that used ice-penetrating radar data primarily from Operation IceBridge, an ongoing NASA airborne mission to track changes in polar ice, and earlier NASA airborne missions in Greenland.
Read more: https://go.nasa.gov/2RSkn1u
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Massive Crater Discovered under Greenland Ice It took the combined efforts of an international team of scientists to unravel the mystery of the Hiawatha crater.
An international team of researchers that includes a NASA glaciologist has discovered a 19-mile-wide meteorite impact crater hiding beneath more than half a mile of ice in northwest Greenland. This is the first impact crater of any size ever found under the polar ice sheets. The group, led by researchers from the Centre for GeoGenetics at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, worked for the past three years to verify their discovery, which was initially made in 2015 using NASA data. Their finding is described in a study published on Nov. 14 in the journal Science Advances. The crater is roughly a thousand feet deep and more than 19 miles in diameter, encompassing an area slightly larger than that comprised inside the Capital Beltway around Washington, D.C. Its dimensions place it among the 25 largest impact craters on Earth. The crater formed when an iron meteorite more than half a mile wide smashed into northwest Greenland – but the timing of when the event happened remains a key question and one the researchers want to answer next. The authors put the range between less than 3 million years ago and as recently as less than 13,000 years ago. The resulting depression has since been covered by ice. (More)