For the first time in its recorded history, on Sept. 8, Barbuda became a deserted island. For evacuees, it was the beginning of a period of uncertainty. With 90% of the island’s infrastructure destroyed, trees knocked down and virgin beaches damaged, the government of Antigua & Barbuda estimated that reconstruction would cost between $200-$250 million, money it didn’t have. (More)

A video of the Denver police seizing blankets from Jerry Burton and others in late November created a public outcry. Hear from the homeless man about the city’s laws banning urban camping. (More)

The mighty Congo River cuts through the largest rain forest outside the Amazon and has wildlife found nowhere else on earth. The Democratic Republic of the Congo could be one of the richest countries in Africa, but it’s people are among the poorest. In this final episode, join the BBC’s Africa Correspondent Alastair Leithead searching for endangered gorillas in the rainforest and exploring its mining heartland.
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Every spring, ponds around the UK start stirring and frogs come out of their winter slumber to mate. Here's a unique perspective on an event that’s been happening since the age of the dinosaurs (More)

A new exhibition in Times Square shrinks the world's most famous sights by 87 times. Take a 360º tour of Gulliver's Gate as artists add the final touches. #Daily360:
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Enter a world that defies our basic assumptions about the rules of geometry. (More)

The Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip is home to more than 110,000 refugees, according to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). (More)

Step into a nursery in Lima, Peru where children play and learn within the confines of the Santa Monica de Chorrillos prison, where their mothers are inmates. (More)

At first glance, climbing a 50-degree couloir, clicking into skis and arcing turns down an avalanche-prone slope and speaking with our representatives on climate change seem vastly different. They aren’t. Both require passion and a bit of practice. Both require setting aside fear and creating a vision through definitive action. (More)

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Muscat: New forms of genetically engineered mosquitoes could hold the key to eradicating malaria, Bill Gates has said. (More)

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Big Ben has gone silent in Westminster until 2021. Crowds gathered to hear the final chimes while maintenance is carried out. (More)

Big Ben sounds for final time before it is silenced for the £29m renovation of the Elizabeth Tower. In this 360 degrees clip, Peter Bone MP discusses the "ridiculous" decision to temporarily shut down one of Britain's most iconic landmarks. (More)

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This month marks the tenth anniversary of Chris Burden's "Urban Lights," which has been updated with LED lights. (Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times) (More)

Watch this 360 video of contestants preparing for the 2nd annual Beverly Hills Dog Show in Pomona. (Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times) (More)

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The Los Angeles Times was established in the City of Angels in 1881. About a century after the newspaper began publication, its modernized Olympic printing plant opened in downtown Los Angeles. It still churns out hundreds of thousands of newspapers every day. (More)

IndyCar driver Zach Veach, 24, gives a 360-degree tour of the Grand Prix of Long Beach street course. Racing for Andretti Autosport, Veach will be one of 24 IndyCar drivers in the event. (More)

Every morning, Asir Uddin Qureshi stuffs two big plastic bags with leftover meat from a butcher's shop and sells it in the narrow by-lanes of Ajmeri Gate. The meat that he sells facilitates a decades-old tradition of feeding Black Kites and other birds of prey in Old Delhi. (More)

Residents of Old Delhi Have Kept the Centuries-Old Tradition Alive. Find Out the Reason Behind this Exiting Culture. (More)

A visit to the Harrods Roastery. Roasting their customer favourite Wallenford Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. (More)

Enjoy this fun walk just outside the Blue Lagoon complex - the steaming water full of silica was just fantastic!
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VR video of a blue shark and a diver for the FindRayShark project by the Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre in Portugal ( (More)

Visiting displaced Syrians in Lebanon, Rashida Jones discovers a painful truth. These aren’t would-be terrorists sneaking across borders; they’re regular families, living in the margins and dreaming of home. For more information visit (More)

Yemen is separated from Djibouti, a tiny country on the Horn of Africa, by a stretch of only 30km of water named the "Gate of Tears". For decades, Djiboutians and Yemenis have fostered a close relationship, with Yemenis building a strong presence and reputation in Djibouti as businessmen and traders. Yet, the start of the Yemeni civil war in 2015 signaled a shift in the relationship between Djiboutians and Yemenis, as Yemenis began crossing the Gate of Tears no longer by choice, but by necessity. Instead of coming to Djibouti for opportunity and business, Yemenis began coming to Djibouti as a refuge from war, marking a departure from their old relationship to Djiboutians as peers, as well as marking a division between Yemenis who came to Djibouti before the war and after the war. (More)

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360 degree video, my beautiful small home.
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Kaleidoscope Presents: My Beautiful Home. Kenya’s Kibera is Africa’s biggest slum, and one of the world’s poorest neighborhoods. Most of those living in Kibera live in absolute poverty – making less than a dollar a day. But they are not asking for sympathy, they are asking for admiration. (More)