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Sitzen Sie direkt zwischen Kapitänin Johanna Wolf (links) und Copilotin Katja Rossi (rechts) und fliegen Sie im Cockpit des Lufthansa Airbus A320 von Zürich nach Frankfurt am Main! Natürlich nur im 360°-Video. Mit einer VR-Brille erleben Sie den Flug jedoch, als wären Sie selbst an Bord. Kapitänin Johanna Wolf erklärt die Handgriffe beim Start und, wie man ein Flugzeug landet - aufgezeichnet natürlich nicht während des Flugs. Das "Welt"-VR-Video von 360°-Videojournalist Martin Heller gibt Ihnen Einblicke in die Arbeit der beiden Lufthansa-Pilotinnen. So haben Sie Fliegen vielleicht noch nie erlebt. Viel Spaß und guten Flug! (More)

Cave looping Roller Coaster Virtual Reality Simulator 360° Experience in 4K UHD resolution (More)

VR Video 360 Wooden Roller Coaster 360° Virtual Reality PSVR.
360 degree POV Wooden Rollercoaster ride for VR Box Google Cardboard, PSVR, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go & Rift. (More)

Hellboy themed Roller Coaster Virtual Reality Simulator 360° Experience in 4K UHD resolution (More)

VR 360 Video - Cats Drinking And Playing - Vr Video Vr 360 Cats - Vr Video 360 Cats (More)

SkyDive in 360° Virtual Reality via GoPro in italy
#sky_dive (More)

40 way Skydive organized by Andy Malchiodi and Mike Carpenter at Skydive Elsinore April 2019. Soundtrack by Red Hot Chilli Pipers “Smoke on Water/ Thunderstruck” (More)

Total Solar Eclipse 2017, Williams College Expedition led by Jay Pasachoff. Garmin 360 VIRB capture by Aram Friedman with help from Nova Friedman & Chris Laverty. This is our first attempt at a full 360 immersive capture of an eclipse. Some mistakes were made (quite a few actually) but we learned a great deal. I want to thank all of Jay's colleagues and students for their generous help, friendship and enthusiasm. A special shout out to my friend Robert Vanderbei whose knowledge of drift alignment saved the day. Having seen two prior eclipses this was my first with perfect skies. I had no idea how exquisite the light could be. Jay, I cannot wait to try this again… Aram Friedman (More)

360 degree Video taken by the Weber State University HARBOR team.
Video of the 2017 total solar eclipse above Idaho as viewed from a high altitude balloon in the stratosphere. You can see the Moon's shadow come from Oregon, pass below, then head towards Wyoming.
Data rate = 6658kbps video, 317kbps audio. (More)

Aktualnie zbieramy 1000 subskrypcji wiec jeśli chciałbyś/chciałabyś nas wesprzeć abyśmy mogli się dalej rozwijać ZASUBSKRYBUJ 🙂 (More)

⚠️ Mega Coastera HYPERION w Energylandia ⚠️
🗓️ Otwarty od 14 LIPCA 2018 (More)

TSCHANZ TEC- Fotografie·Videos·Medienpartner & Web Video Produzenten by You Tube (More)

Stretch Your Imagination
Andy’s assembled his Mega Coaster Play Kit—and Slinky Dog is taking you on a wild ride. Slinky Dog’s springy coils stretch to the limit as you bend around curves, zoom up hills and drop back down. (More)

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Fable's 'Wolves in the Walls' VR is about more than virtual reality - Engadget
After rebranding itself as a "virtual beings" studio in January, Fable is ready to show us what they mean. At the Tribeca Film Festival this week, it debuted th... (More)

Gabba Goods Virtual Reality Headset (More)

SaberVR and VRmotorsports have teamed up to create the cutting-edge racing simulator you've always wanted. With full virtual reality compatibility, buttkicker motion seats, wind simulation, and more you'll be able to race alone or with a team anytime you want. (More)

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Are you daydreaming of getting out into nature or needing relief from anxiety? Nature 360° in Montana is here to help you. (More)

In this Nature 360° Pacific Beach virtual experience you’ll be able to unwind on a relaxing nature meditation. Let go of your thoughts in virtual reality, while on a secluded Pacific Beach. Located on the Marin County Coast of California. This little gem of a secluded beach is known as Pirates Cove. (More)

Nature 360° Rocky Mountains is here to help you relax. (More)

Nature 360° High Desert is here for all to use as instant relaxation and reprieve. The theme in this 4th in a series of Nature 360° Relax videos is mutual causality. Make sure to watch until the end for the full non-linear effect! (More)

Shark Cage Underwater SBS VR Box Virtual Reality sharks not 360°.
Underwater shark tank for Side by Side VR Box Virtual Reality headsets like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go. (More)

So apparently Bibury is one of the most beautiful/photogenic villages in the UK. I would agree if it wasn't for all the tourists 😉 You'll see a bit of it near the end of the video, including the small row of terraced houses the village is famous for. (More)

Ирландский Паб – одно из нескольких мест, где мы “охотились” за ВПЕЧАТЛЕНИЯМИ.
Молодцы ирландцы! И национальные танцы (ногами) , и мой любимый ТОМ ДЖОНС.
Возможность участвовать в непринужденном веселье (без УПИВАНИЯ И МОРДОБОЯ) – одно из ЯРКИХ ВПЕЧАТЛЕНИЙ, которое мы сняли на 360 видео этой ночью.
Но наша “охота” на этом – не закончилась…………
Присоединяться к нашей ОХОТЕ ЗА ВПЕЧАТЛЕНИЯМИ!!! группа:
P.S. Если Вы предлагаете туристам интересные услуги и сервисы – напишите мне, и мы вместе снимем Вашу услугу на 360 видео и я включу их в наши предложения на сайте. (More)

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Grab your laser guns and strap on your jet pack. Asteroid Blaster VR lets you jump into virtual reality space and start blowing up rocks and UFOs. Available on Viveport and in Viveport Subscription: (More)

Part 2 of building the Asteroids VR Grappling Hook. In this video we're going to swing! Picking up from the previous video in the series we're going to modify our grappling hook projectiles to actually attach a Spring joint between the player and wall they impact. This will allow us to add force to the player and pull them towards whatever they grab. (More)