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Move your device around to experience💖➡

Sorry for spamming videos😂 I won't post for a week..So ye🌻 Hope you enjoyed!

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Charmyzxd says:

How to make 360° Videos💕
•Make your video
•Export it
•Download "VeeR Editor"
•Put your video there
•Then click "save" on the top!

And you're done uwu

Emily_ Loves_toast says:

Congrats on 300+ subs

blue _ macadamia says:

Weeeeeepppppp!!! Ya not sleep yet? Have some rest sister UwU..

G-Starz says:

Wooah amazing 😍😍😍😍💖💖😭

Wolfy_idk says:

How do you do 360° videos?

The Universal Sphinx says:

Amazing but how did you do that?!

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