Plane Crash in Virtual Reality – 360° GTA V

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Experience a plane crash in VR! Use your mouse or move your phone to look around if you don't have a headset.

This video was made in collaboration with GTAPlanes, check them out for some of the best plane cinematics out there:

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Carl Johnson says:

Im save im in gta san andreas 😀

luisito el pillo XD says:

First is the game is gta 5 is very bad this video

Vivares 76 says:

Those people have the same will to live as me

Thedarknight1108 ' says:

That's the gta5 airport

Keaten Lait says:

Me all through the video "Sandra you're looking nice…. oow mountains. Oh shit look at the sea Looks to Sandra i love scuba diving"

London says:

uhm the guy sitting across from me is freaking terrifying.


Yo it looks like the air port in GTA 5

Kobe is queen says:

I love your videos

Defaulty Mode says:

These people don’t have feelings

• mochiqii • says:

if i was there i’d be screaming

Lloyd Gacayan says:

I can not see a crash airplain

Mychael Myers says:

This is a gta5

Ayan Khan says:

Didn't you realise that we can move the screen

Amaya Nightshade says:

Vince McMahon is the pilot lol

TeZZZwezz permer says:

Literally the place they shot this from was in gta5

Lulu stars says:


ZΛ ̅ǝp says:

Uh, i swear didn't i just see this video on Luucas's channel?

fart lol says:

allegiant airlines simulator

News Now West Tennessee says:

GTA V obviously.

Creecker _HD says:

This ist GTA 5

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