POWER Ep 3: A Community Divided

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In this 360/VR video, Motherboard goes inside the Pickering Nuclear Generating Facility, which is Canada’s oldest functioning nuclear plant. Critics say it’s time to shut the plant down. As of now, the Pickering plant is set to run to 2018, but operators have applied to extend the license to 2024, citing our growing energy needs.

The nuclear plant is located in the middle of the growing community of Pickering, Ontario, where residents are torn over what to do about it. In this video, we join a protest on the beach, meet plant employees who trust its safety, and speak with residents who’ve just gotten used to living down the street from a nuclear plant.

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Potwheelz says:

How many people actually know how uranium is refined and plutonium created. How does a reactor work, how is waste produced, what does shelf life mean? If u get near it you will die outright. All it does is produce steam heat to electricity. It's not that high tech. It's more a threat than anything.

Matthew Lewiston says:

YouTube's lowest quality video. Optional 360 view or not, this video is the quality of a 1970's Polaroid dropped into a urinal. Subject-wise, I live outside Pickering, and the only people I've ever known to have an issue with it are the twits in this video. I think the video makers travelled to the wrong city, and had to hire people to be contrarians when they arrived.

Nisco Racing says:

What i don't get is why not make a generator, that harvest that waste radioactive stuff into energy?
Radiation is energy, transform it into electric energy.

Sam Futch says:

This whole documentary is annoying. "We found a community that is completely fine with nuclear power, and the nuclear power plants are completely up to safety standards, and are good to their employees…BUUUTTT, the earth could explode"

RevolutionaryGaming says:

when your dad used to work at Pickering nuclear

Fred Davis says:

Global Alert: Evacuation levels of Radiation in many cities.
Out of all the issues that are harming us is the lack of media and world concern for the meltdowns going on in Japan fukushima and that we are getting evacuation levels of radiation in our air, plus it's killing the ocean at a rate of 3 years or less. A planet killer. Take a look Facebook.com/groups/radiationalerts
Please help share this.
We need a million members to start to make a difference

Ded says:

1:58 Dude just teleported…

Benjamin Jones says:

If you "want clean air for your children and grandchildren"… then you should be SUPPORTING nuclear… not standing outside protesting. Then again… I imagine it's difficult to reason with someone who feels comfortable standing on the side of the road dressed as an elephant to get there point across!! <sigh> Nuclear power is sooo misunderstood. Yes, there have been a few F*** ups. As an engineer… I certainly wouldn't build a nuclear plant in a tsunami zone. But we can learn from these mistakes and MOVE ON!! We don't stop making cars every time there's an accident or recall. We learn, improve, and the industry is safer for it. We've lost DECADES of research into safer nuclear options (thorium, molten-salt, etc) because people who DO NOT understand the science stand around protesting like this. Meanwhile… other companies are all too happy to just keep burning fossil fuels and altering/destroying the atmosphere/planet for generations to come. #SoSad #IgnoranceIsNOTBliss ~former Naval nuclear power electricians mate

MWYANT19 says:

this should not be 3d….

Willie Gilligan says:

This 360 crap display, sucks, it stacks v 2 frames above each other on my 60 inch TV, everything else on you tube plays fine on Chromecast except for your content. Why did you have to mess it up, I like your content but it's unwatchable like this

Elites Engineering says:

1:09 is it just me or that guard is without a firearm? I mean whats the point of security in a nuclear plant if they have nothing to secure it with

Mike Davies says:

Those protesters were so unfortunately uninformed. Most workers due urine samples once a month to measure tritium levels and make sure they dont exceed a safe limit. Everything is poisonous if you go over the limit, and radioactivity is exactly like that. there is nothing wrong with small doses. That same protester probably doesnt realize bananas are radioactive, and that she gets more radioactivity from the sun in an airplane then she would ever get in a lifetime of living next to a nuclear plant.

She also is worried about a mishap causing meltdown, when she doesnt realize how intense procedure is like at power plants. For a worker to change one simple valve, there needs to be at least 8 people signing off on it. 1 person to let people know the valve needs changing, 1 to isolate the valve and 1 to check his work. Another person creates a permit for the work to be done, and another one checks it, another person holds the permit and rechecks all previous steps. Then that 'holder of the permit' assigns two workers to do the work. Before those workers even do the work, they have to go through a rigorous verification check process to make sure they are on the correct valve, and they too also check all previous steps. Mishaps DONT HAPPEN at OPG.

Fred Flintstone says:

… So older cars have transmissions? Ok, so she doesn't have a clue about mechanical systems… Fair enough, but why is she the spokesperson for the Nuke plant. Should we conclude that she knows what she's talking about?

Mathias Løkke Madsen says:

My laptop dies trying to run these videos

Elan Karoll says:

cant watch this. pls post regular video

FyberOptic says:

I think in her car analogy that the word she was looking for was "carburetor", not "transmission."

woodchuck 00 says:

5:56 This problem was solved by Obama, The government built the Yucca mountain complex to store the waste. It was decided that is was "safer" to store it on site due to the potential hazards when transporting it. Because it's not like the are millions of gallons of gasoline being transported a day. Thanks, Oboma!

Zizi Mugen says:

Every damn video is 360? Geez, this was a dumbshit move, Motherboard.

John Smith says:

Yeah it's a shame we can't BURN the radioactive waste and send it into the air like the alternative to nuclear power, coal. Living any where near a coal plant is very dangerous to you, all the time, 24/7/365. Coal plants don't have disasters, THEY ARE DISASTERS. And they're run by lying crooks! These people will say anything to confuse the issues, which is how the whole "the data isn't in" strategy came about. We've known we've been altering the climate decades before it entered the popular eye; decades before climate denial led by the coal industry (Exactly what the tobacco industry did to hide smoking's harmful effects).

Inverted V12 Powerhouse says:

ugh the fukishima incident has to do with heavy earth quakes and the tsunami….

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