Rescuing Rhinos | Racing Extinction (360 Video)

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Orphaned at 2 weeks old on November 2014, Matimba was found next to her mother who had been killed by her poachers for her horn. Weighing only 35 pounds at the time, she has been protected and nursed back to health in South Africa.

Join a conservation biologist on an interactive mission to learn how animals critical to the world’s ecosystem thrive and survive in the wild.

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Geograculture geocul says:

3:44 Cape buffalo got scared of the Rhinos?

Geograculture geocul says:

This is so dope!

el rivas says:

1 like = love Rhino
1 dislike = hate Rhino

Lil animal Channel says:

Why can’t these rhino hunters understand and listen when experts say rhino horns are made out if keratin and there is NO evidence that there horns have medical purposes. It’s sad because so many of these marvelous animals are unnecessarily killed. Can’t we just let the endangered species live? Just leave them alone. Animals are not toys and they are not trophies.

Lil animal Channel says:

Yay rhinos! So amazing! I don’t want any animal becoming extinct because of humans. It is sad how we have to protect endangered species from trophy hunters or anyone killing them for nothing more but their horn. Animals aren’t trophies and they are NOT toys. You would think if a species is endangered, then people would not hunt them.

Lily is Weird says:

Rhinos are my favorite animals! :OOOO ❤️😍😍😍😍

Jackie Gonzalez says:

I love knowledge bc the more i the more i. That how i get information u no n it helps in the things i don't no u get it. N they did a great job.

AventureTv says:

Very nice video, I subscribe

Diane Marie says:

When the rino was near I shouted then I laughed id why T-T

FairyRat says:

They're just too damn cute for this Earth.

Isesele Olumhense says:

Very creative………….well at least for people who can't travel like me!!!!😣😣😣😣😓😓😓😔😔😔😔😦😦😦😦

Arya kadam says:

Thank you so much😢🙏🙏🙏🤝

atpsnp says:

Good video..come to my chanel

Phisher Smith says:

2:03 Cape buffalo in the background between the two rhinos.

anna p says:

I love this little series! I hope it gets more attention

Marcus De Villiers says:

There needs to he more strict laws on poaching especially with animals on the brink of extinction. Life in prison seems right.

Gaurav vj says:

Rihnos need more help than panda

Himortxl says:

360 videos are so good

Manchester 360 says:

I love this well done- I liked 👍

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