Rescuing Rhinos | Racing Extinction (360 Video)

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Orphaned at 2 weeks old on November 2014, Matimba was found next to her mother who had been killed by her poachers for her horn. Weighing only 35 pounds at the time, she has been protected and nursed back to health in South Africa.

Join a conservation biologist on an interactive mission to learn how animals critical to the world’s ecosystem thrive and survive in the wild.

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marv strickler says:

Oh well, more will Evolve… RIGHT?

CHARLIEM1010 says:

I’ll say it again, the Chinese are responsible for this. They’re the ones who believe that rhino horn has medicinal value. They never learn.

Ocak Subat says:


Ocak Subat says:


Raymond Dumont says:

Tell the stupid asses in the orient that there is no qualities in the horns. Dumb jerks

Thamim Basha says:

Thanks for volunteer, and Forrest ranger

heavylead1961 says:

if you legalize the sale of Rhino horns, it puts the black market out of business, thus eliminates a small portion of poaching!

Best_Mid TV says:

mọi người ơi vào ủng hộ cho kênh nghèo của mình 1 sub mõi người bỏ ra 1 sub thôi cảm ơn mn nhiều

Black Orfice says:

I say legalize poaching. Only rule is that they should do it clinically and attach a good replacement.

Brandon Cushing says:

If so why not make it easier for people to get little samples of it and farm some rhinos let them live really great lives and if the horn keeps growing back then was issue the poachers.

Manchester 360 says:

Excellent Video 👍

Mark says:

I see Elephants only where is the so called Rhino?

Everardo Lyon says:

Belíssimos animais, ótimo vídeo parabéns!

lasta lova says:

I am the first📽🎥🎞🤙
1er 🐸💗✌

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