Resistance of Honey Master (360 video) – BBC News

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Step inside the world of Bioni Samp, an urban beekeeper who makes honey - and music - from his bees. This immersive 360 documentary profile takes you deep inside the beehive.
Best viewed through a VR headset with headphones.

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It has featured at film festivals around the world, in including IDFA ( and The Festival of Future Storytelling
It has also been used for ground-breaking audience studies.

It was created by BBC R&D, BBC NewsLabs and Middlesex University to develop advanced storytelling and film-making techniques in 360 virtual reality. It was directed by film-maker Peter Boyd Maclean and the executive producer was Zillah Watson.( )

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Ella Banana says:

I'll admit this was a bit strange to watch, but also keep in mind that these words are coming from an MtF transsexual who is also a massive fag, as well as a huge nerd who plays DND, programs her own smart watch just because she could, wears a 12 foot scarf, a silver fox tail, and has a huge obsession with astronomy, mathematics, and physics.

Basically you do you.

Trevor Smith says:

Anyone prepared to go away from the norm in My book is O.K. Gud on You !!

consultorio mg says:

vídeos de George Michael

Pedro Henrique Costa says:

nao sei como alguem nao gostou do video … nao sei se vcs sabem mas pode arrastar o dedo na tela a imagem tambem se move

Lloyd says:

That moment when you forget it's a 360 video until the credits appear halfway off the screen…

The bee recordings are awesome.

Perhaps letting that honey drip down a surface with multiple contacts exposed would create some interesting modulation as it moves and creates connections of varying resistances.

Nice to get something like this from the BBC. Thanks!

Oh, and drugs are bad mkay.

PlaystationReloaded says:

That was wierd BBC

Rook3v says:

5% wild animals in the world sounds like a bullshit statistic when it's estimated that we have only identified less than 16% of the species of the world. And also consider how many individual life forms live in colonies of several million in hives like wild bees, ants and termites. That 5% sounds even less likely.

Seda Şeyli says:

That was awesome! 😀

The Vapologist says:

There is no way that only 5% of life on the planet is wild. Are you crazy?!?

Luis Tarin says:

it got weird at the end lol

Choose Vegan says:

Enslaving and killing bee's to make a proffit, Is this where you spend my t.v liscensing money BBC?

What is honey?? Oh wait its bee vommit!

YouTube Best Speech Ever by Gary Yourofsky. A video that has changed millions world wide!

B. Hagedash says:

Not a fan of the 360 gimmick, spend so much time playing cameraman that you end up missing 90% of the content.

Boost Store says:

ı can say nothıng Justin reply

Tamás Miholecz says:

What the hell did I just watch?!

Brannigan Donnybrook O'Ire says:

Honey! I'm home.

Albert Einstein says:

Everybody needs Albert Einstein in their subscriptions.

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