Rich Port: Capitalism and Colonialism in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico has amassed a crushing $70 billion debt. Can it escape the legacy of colonialism or will the forces of privatization swallow the island whole?

(A 360 video with RYOT)

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Charles Henley says:

The bottom line is PR cannot remain a stand alone country without slipping further into poverty. The population is shrinking primarily because the tax incentives for large companies to set up manufacturing plants expired and the jobs have moved offshore to other countries. So people are leaving along with the tax base. Its simple math from a company's point of view. They set up shop to save money on their taxes and no other reason. It provided a rise in the standard of living for many years and now its over. Its neither good nor bad, it just is. Focusing on hurts and resentments solves nothing. The fact remains PR will have to become a US state in order to survive because it will need US Government assistance to remain viable. Not a perfect solution but what are the alternatives?? Orlando Florida is referred to as little San Juan because of the massive influx of PR's from the island and NY. NY has more PR's than than PR itself. The debt problem will be resolved overtime as the creditors are paid pennies on the dollar. You cannot survive as a country with a shrinking population/tax base. Period. The reasons why are immaterial at this point, the fact remains it is what it is. So move forward and find the solution.

LoneWolf says:

My Family is Puerto Rican… not New York Rican or Floridarican. The problem as I see it in Puerto Rico is that they have a corrupt Government. You have a Party who wants Independence however, Puerto Rico is a Welfare State… and they LOVE their entitlements. Puerto Rican Independence is a Joke… the Island would fail and need bailing out. Puerto Rico has also become very liberal. My Father was a 20 year Air Force Veteran, I was born in Delaware and lived on Air Force Bases (including Ramey AFB in PR) so, it could be said that I don't know what it is to be Puerto Rican and that's probably true. I do know however, that the island has become very liberal over the years and they want their cake and to eat it to. They need to be a state or cut them loose and let them figure it out! Sorry, but I do NOT sympathize with Puerto Ricans in this day and age.

Vincent Adams says:

well I'm All for a free PR!! Yes it is Colonialism!! We should give PR INDEPENDENCE!! If this happens NO MORE PR AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP along with all Puerto Rican's leaving the mainland USA back to their Country!! It's only right!!

morekidsharderwork freedom says:

notice: all the islands in the caribbeans are taken by the latino's, of overpopulation in the southern am. countries while the west has colonize before. africans history there, i know. questinon: why are those people are making an shit hole of those beautiful island????

Christopher García says:

Rich port sounds gay as fuck. I'm spreading the news that It should be called Wealthy Port, so please stop saying Rich port you sloths

Real Baron says:

Puerto Rico debería ser independiente.

Barbara Bartleson says:

Am I the only one who hates 3D ?

Baiansy Williams says:

Love it! You should upload it to VeeR. It's a decent VR community… kinda like social media meets VR. You would definitely be popular there.

Graham Ashton - UK says:

Is this not, therefore, the ideal place and time for a realistic Universal Basic Income experiment. Give these poor people the means to sort out their problems for themselves.

Sir Frank says:

Los ciudadanos Puertorriquenos necesitan despertar del sueno , Los Estados Unidos de America nunca le dara La Estadidad  , Los Gringos le estan dando dos Alternativas quedarse como estan ( Vender la Patria ) o Independizarse de los Estados Unidos de America y ser La Republica de Puerto Rico .

Marko Kraguljac says:

Why not independence? :3

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