Roller Coaster 360 Video | 360 VR VIDEO for Virtual Reality | 360° Roller Coaster Jamuna Future Park

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Roller Coaster 360 video is an exciting entertainment in Jamuna Future park, like a fast train that goes up and down very steep slopes and around very sudden bends . You can use VR Box and feel like You are on that Ride .

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Lony's Works says:

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Mica Queen says:

Porque no me funciona coño

Happy Face Ace says:

I spent most of the time looking at the girls faces, lol

Saruno Hyuga says:

What the hell….who else looked behind them

LowBudgetBanana says:

Pewdiepie fan passing by…

Gabbie Hanna Fan says:

Watch their faces 😂

Vincent Reiser says:

213 turn the camera around at her face

Razan Montaser says:

Here is a rare english comment

nahin nahar says:

please make more 360 video please

Creative Rainbow says:

What is this mind fuckery

MCKazachenka says:

И вот нахрена вообще приходить на американские горки, если все время с закрытыми глазами просидела?

Nir catri says:

wtf language

Darlina Marcdonis says:

Look to your left it's ugly

денис прокудин says:


red princess says:

Wow very nice

Dead inside says:

Just an english comment passing by….

M O R E E says:

When i was having fun and when i look back i got heart attack

Konika SiddiKi says:

লনি ভাইয়ার ভিডিও দেখার মজাই আলাদা…😙😍❤✌👌👌👌

Monster TV says:

Только на 1:12 я понял что я баба

Drunk Monk says:

aaa poddey pudeyyy anaaa amaaaa fucking indiaaa amaaa

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