Running with France's wild horses – 360 Video

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Meet the cowboys of southern France and ride one of the world’s oldest breeds of horses through Carmargue National Park.


Максим Борькин says:


Mike Andrews says:

CNN: When we aren't showing you things that are actual news…we show you things that aren't news. SHOCKING!!

pierate monkey says:

The wild west dedely mon

Daily Dad says:

Resist. Remove.

William H says:

What's happening? I don't understand this story. Where is the Trump bashing? Are they finally figuring out the fake news Trump spaghetti is not working for them?

Gloria L says:

Not a good View of anything😞😞

American Gamer says:

Hahahahahahahahahahaha cant breath Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Jon Smail says:

Own a Apple I phone and you support slave labor in china. Fact check it.

John Pembroke says:

Does france have outback restaurant chains but with horse instead of cow

NPC Wojak says:

You guys should see the ship named "Aquarius"… proof that lefties are destroying my CUNTry

Alexandre Juillet says:

CNN for kids under 10 … good coverage ………the search engine gives this and the world cup if you want to talk about french "news" ….very wonderful ……why do you kiss there ass intellectually I wonder …..?

HMQ says:

The French: Zose 'orses look deliciouerse. Fry zem wiv a littel gar-lick. Yummy.

Zep Tepi says:

Chelsea Clinton and her friends.

Jen Z says:

CNN= racism

conservative personnel says:

wtf is this shit?

Sam Moskowitz says:

comments need to chill… Like, damn dude, they're just horses…

Henry Townshed says:

CNN make stories about Donald Trump 24/7 but doesn't cover what Bureau of Land Management does to our wild horses in America. I hate CNN

Forrest Gump says:


She's my President says:

Send Brain Stelter to run with the horses and never let Stelter back in the USA!

Stan Wilson says:

Why isn't CNN banned for 24/7 hate speech against the president, white people and cops? Their lies and rice hustling cost the lives. how many race riots and property damage ??

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