Savvy Cycling from Downtown Los Angeles to Playa Vista (Westside)

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Video begun 2018/09/20 0933
See key below index

00:00:00 L Grand Wilshire Center, 7th St. & Figueroa
00:02:02 L Flower St. S bound at 7th St.; one-way S bound
00:02:02 D Easy, enjoyable bicycle driving on Flower St. using lane control
00:07:45 C I pass Metro Blue Line Train at 16 mph
00:09:00 C Where is L.A. traffic?
00:11:28 C So boring, so easy. Nothing happening.
00:11:48 C Four priorities of CyclingSavvy
00:15:05 L University of Southern California
00:15:30 COOP Release on green
00:15:48 D: Use through-aligned right-turn lane to continue straight
00:16:38 IA Edge cyclists passes on right
00:17:20 IA Sidewalk cyclist
00:18:47 IS Edge bike lane
00:20:27 IS Garbage-zone bike lane
00:20:48 IS Door-zone bike lane
00:20:50 D Controlling travel lane next to bike lane
00:22:49 C Bike lane not mandatory despite CA MBL law
00:24:28 COOP FAC Release on green; red signal behind facilitates moving into left lane
00:25:45 D I use two lanes to cross angled rail tracks
00:26:18 L Rodeo Road, where the cycling is easy
00:28:36 C How to make Rodeo Road even better for cyclists
00:30:31 L Rodeo Road detour around Crenshaw
00:36:47 IA Honk while passing; mammalian territorial noise
00:38:45 L Baldwin Village
00:40:18 COOP Release on green
00:41:37 C Exceptions to CA far to the right law CVC 21202
00:45:18 C Lane position at intersection to avoid left cross
00:47:45 IS Door-zone bike lane on 4-lane road
00:47:50 D Controlling lane outside of door-zone bike lane, and then not
00:49:15 Worst cycling in L.A. Door-zone bike lane on multi-lane street
00:50:40 IS Door-zone bike lane gone. Hooray!
00:51:05 L NPR West in Culver, on right
00:52:40 C Wind noise
00:52:43 C Dog attack on Ballona Creek Bike Path
00:55:46 COOP Release on green
01:29:20 L Jefferson at Ballona
01:30:15 C Comments on routes and neighborhoods
01:31:25 L Left on Sepúlveda
01:34:10 D Merging left to avoid I-405 on-ramp
01:35:42 C Dealing with freeway interchanges
01:38:00 L Playa Vista and Loyola Marymount University
01:38:30 C Why I feel safe driving my bike, with Darwin's help; two things to worry about: psychopaths and grossly negligent/seriously distracted
1:41:25 arriving at Arup L.A. Headquarters in Playa Vista, Westside
1:43:10 Zagster docked bike share and company shared bikes

L: = Location
IS: = Infrastructure
C: = Comment
IA: = Interaction
FAC: = Facilitation
COOP: = Cooperation
D: = Drive

Garmin VIRB 360 camera courtesy of Richard Wharton


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