Search and rescue in the Rocky Mountains – 360 Video

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Hop aboard a Bell 407 helicopter, and traverse the Rocky Mountain backcountry with some of Colorado's bravest search and rescuers.


Judy A says:

Wonderful 360 video. Heartfelt thanks to the volunteers who risk their lives to save others. Amazing work you do. So very sorry for those who, in comments, fail to recognize the extraordinary work you do.

藍楷翔 says:

Wow, it is awesome !

Scott Cook says:

Woopie Triggered! Stupid "Hippy" couldn't listen to Jeanine Pirro!

Paul Andrews says:

Nice job CNN, impressed with the 360 video technology.

Fortnite noob 0611 says:

Cnn fake news


CNN WH Briefs should be done with this VR tool to see people expressions every time Sanders lies. 🙂 This could be priceless.

REAl REAction says:

Obama was the worst President in USA history. Economically destructive, militarily weak, and a follower; not a leader. Nobody took Obama serious, his “red lines” meant nothing to our enemies. Race relations exploded under Democrat control, Obama’s, and ISIS brought fear into the lives of all people under Obama’s incompetence to handle them correctly. (Trump destroyed ISIS his first month as President). The list goes on of failures and silver tongue lies…

WalkingBlueRaven Cook says:


Velo-Pro International says:

By adding human interest stories CNN hopes to compete with the Weather Channel.

EPSTomcat11 says:

Honestly this is pretty awesome

Parker Call says:

People are still doing 360 videos?

Blanca Mejia says:

This looks nothing like the mario kart race track dissapointment

indianajones500 says:

find the hiker in Telluride
they need you now

Scott Cook says:

You and Ted have been "owning" the United States too long. Fuck off!

Darth Alba says:

Obama killed women and children with drones

No trials. Just death.

Some were US citizens.

AC 130 loitered 1 hour shooting Doctors Sans Borders hospital in Afghanistan – under Obama.

CNN did not bitch about it.

Faggot liberals did not call him a nazi.

hundreds of kids killed by Obama drones.

While they slept.

At dinner.

At weddings.

At school.

Not a word from CuntNN

Darth Alba says:

Simple. Liberals HATE whites. Even white liberals HATE whites.

Whenever you are confused by a Democrat/Liberal position on ANYTHING, repeat that statement and it will make sense.

Trump and Trump supporters use LOGIC and REASON so their opinions are easy to follow. Liberals use no logic at all and only use emotions and feelings. That is why their opinions make no sense to sane people. To the twisted liberal mind, the world will be a modern utopia if all the whites are destroyed or bred out of existence.

Trump is king says:

Thsnk you fake news

BaronVonTacocat says:

Wow, fake news is really trying to catch up to RT!
They've been doing these "360" videos for years.
I'm kinda getting sick of them to tell you the truth but good on you CNN for trying to stay relevant!

Jimmy Altos says:

I support President Trump 100% and when he wins re-election in 2020, the radical communist Left will be dismantled.


Lemon Grenade says:

CNN = Best Girl

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