See the New York City That Never Was | 360 Video

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Visit the New York City that could have been in this 360 video and explore the exhibition at the Queens Museum called “Never Built New York,” showcasing hundreds of projects that could have dramatically changed the look of the city.

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depressedsquid says:

This is amazing. I would've loved to live in the Manhattan bridge if it was like that!

Simiral Entertainment says:

Everything in the world is changing, some new things surprise the eyes, and then they become the architectonic classics

rabit818 says:

I am taking a dump and cannot stand and move around to see the rest of this sh@t 360 video.

andrephx90 says:

That must be one cool exposition!

Spiral Breeze says:

I seriously need to stop watching the BBC, I heard The Queen's Museum and thought, what why is it in England?! I'm freaking from Queens.😒

omkar dhurat says:


Travel To The World says:

منور جميل

Ayo Jerz says:

That was weird

Siân says:


Jane G says:

360 videos are always terrible

SSS Xcelsor RBLX says:

That new grand central tho

David Boucard says:

Thank god they didn't build that last one. You'd be paying $3000 per month to live under a bridge. That's next-level trolling.

Aaron M says:

I really hate these 360 videos.

倪传历 says:

They look very retro-futuristic if that makes any sense.

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