Seeing the Internet in Real Life | 360 Video

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The writer and artist Ingrid Burrington helps us identify the physical objects that make up the internet all around us everyday.

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Albon Queely says:

Amen guys X

Luca Fedele says:

I still want to see the internet

IIIIIbarcodeIIIII says:

3D video, because cinematography was just a passing fad.

philophos says:

360 video is not comfortable enough on the user-end yet for this to be enjoyable. I’m laying in bed and have to be twisting and turning awkwardly just to see what you’re trying to show me. No thanks.

Simiral Entertainment says:

It will be much steeper when you can see the Internet in an unreal magic life – in our fantasies … It will be a new world …

Matrix Master says:

^^Net Neutrality 360^^

Spiral Breeze says:

Aren't those cell towers what they always complain about in rich neighborhoods that they're causing cancer cause they put them on schools and stuff?

Majeed Jiskani says:

Smartphones are killing us
Agree? Thumbs up

Bruce Lee says:

I don’t like 360 videos …

discardeddede says:

Boring, no news.

Alan Hughes says:

probably using the internet to watch this video? how else would aybody be watching? nytimes handing out usb sticks or something now?

Nuckin Futs says:

These 360 vids are pretty kewl.

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