Selling SECRET GOD SWORD In VR WEAPON SHOP (RPG NPC Simulator VR Funny Gameplay)

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NEW Selling Medieval Weapons In RPG NPC Simulator VR! Today We Open Our Amazing Store In Virtual Reality To Have Some Fun!

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ProjectJamesify says:

NEW GAME HYPE! 😄 Want to see more?

Then leave a like on the video and post a comment! 👍 👍 👍

Don Luu says:

Yes do more!!!

Jonathon Chamness says:

I like this game

ŁukaszGaming YT PL says:

This new game is awesome

priceless says:

yeet or be yeeted

Diamond Dragon says:

Travel forward in time and sell Alien weapons

edit:Dont say "holdthe phone" in medieval ages say "Hold the bow"

Brianne Murray says:

Keep up the good job and play Just shapes and Beats

Mantas Būdvytis says:

Guys leave a like so The shekfs will be always full!

Joey Head says:

Now I know how he got the secret God sword

Joey Head says:

James: I will get you with my secret god sword
NPC: oh no I am dead x_x
Ice age baby: oh no my minion and I'm defeated

Joey Head says:

How did he get the secret god sword. ;| ?? also #ProjectJamesify

Kurama the gaming fox says:

Yes love it post 2 a week

Jaxxy RBLX says:

YouTube:5 comments
Me:You're 39 off,make that 40 comments off

Kacper Cwiekala says:

Ok boooooooooooomer that's video is cool

Magicians Red says:

This is realy cool game and i want to see you play it again!

Therese t says:

can you play Acient warfare 3 agin

Shviko says:

great content keep it up

One Eyed Blackeye says:

I love your channel ^-^ Keep it up!

Player J Playz says:

It’s the best vidio ever a your the best you tuber ever


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