Senior Drives a Race Car Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime

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Please give a thumbs up, comment, or share the video to help spread the word about this remarkable organization! Meet 72-year old Shirley, whose lifelong dream was to drive a professional race car. Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime, we were able to make this happen. You can also ride with Shirley on the track in a special 360 VR video HERE!
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Wish of a Lifetime -
Shirley McClure & family
LA Racing

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ArmchairWarrior says:

awesome. nice job Taryn

nay naynay says:

Am amused by the fact that this slice of life/make a wish com true – story has 5k views, whereas the Break Free hymn of generic "I wish this and that – and now I'm breaking free" autotune pop song, has 1.3 mill. Nice going humanity.

Hitcher177 says:

Congratulations Shirley ….. keep fighting and keep enjoying life

Grabacadaver says:

I understand this isn't about you Taryn… but how do you find your way inside that huge heart of yours?

RTG Animation says:

I wonder – you do make such a high quality content, with positive messege, but yet get so little views. How come you manage to keep doing them? I mean it simply takes lot of cash/time to prepare something like this and revenue on YouTube isn't that impressive for all I know. Anyway, I'm glad you do this. And BTW how big your crew is? 🙂

Adam Webling says:

Aw I LOVED this!!

roger brydon says:

Thanks for being so amazing Taryn!

dutch_red_tt says:

What a lovely woman (L)

Ruben Ramos says:

Where did Shirley's husband get his straw hat?!?!?!

Bob Russo says:

That's a wonderful thing you had a part of

Ben Proctor says:

Shirley is definitely badass.
Made my morning a bit brighter.

2007dalin says:

you could grant me a wish and i could make you happy all at the same time

Allena Benninger says:

This was so cute!!

Truckbuildercarl says:

the most beautiful woman on the planet Shirley was awesome,Thank You for sharing this!

Truckbuildercarl says:

Hi Taryn,I don't want you to think i'm a stalker but I have to say you have the most loving heart
And I think you are t

Naitaal says:

Oh my god, she is too lovely, so full of energy and happiness despite everything. I'm glad that she could fulfill her desire, she more than earned it!

regulardood says:

She's just fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing this. You're awesome!

Sameer Balasubrahmanyam says:

Taryn you are probably the nicest YouTubers around! Would you consider standing for president please please?

Julia Price says:

This is so beautiful

Hano Ali says:

That's really great to see her experience that!

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