Sereya: A New Maasai Way (6K 3D 360 VR) Documentary

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December 2017 we joined Amref Flying Doctors on an inspiring trip to Kenya. We followed young Maasai girl Sereya, who is one of many young girls saying ‘no’ to FGM (Female Genital Mutilation); a practice that unfortunately is still widely spread within this, otherwise beautiful, culture.

The VR documentary follows Sereya as she goes through the ‘Alternative Rite of Passage’; a ceremony that is being adopted by the community as an alternative for circumcision. Get to know Sereya as she shows you around her Boma, watch her make new friends at the ARP and be with her as she feels the excitement of ‘candle night’ where she will be accepted as a young woman by her community.

Client: Amref Flying Doctors
Production Company: VR Gorilla
Director: Peter van Apeldoorn & Daan Tan
DOP: Daan Tan & Peter van Apeldoorn

VR Gorilla is an award-winning virtual reality production studio, based in Amsterdam. VR Gorilla focuses on making breathtaking VR films and experiences that are perfected for high-end VR headsets and 360 & VR platforms.

Our goal is to create experiences that have a positive impact on the world. We believe that telling a great story can inspire people to move into the right direction.

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Jackson Murray says:

Really well done! The immersive style benefits this documentary massively, a great way to share this young girls story battling the cruelness of FGM, much respect to the ARP.

I A says:

Awesome, finally some 3D( stereoscopic) content!

This is Uganda says:

awesome video guys!

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