Simulating Mars Atop Earth's Largest Volcano

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On top of the largest volcano on Earth, six scientists live in complete isolation to simulate life on Mars.

Enter the 360˚ World of Vodou Healing in Haiti:

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Thano’s Thicc Dicc says:

In a parallel universe, aliens are simulating the environment on earth-like planet

Fel says:

Th have ball. Sending your wife to an iglu for an entire year with lots of other guys… Good luck with those horns dude. Your wife probably its gonna want to someone fill her needs you know what i mean.

KokoMoko says:

do all but one of them leave and the guy alone grows potatoes?

Sim Won says:

stir crazy alert

Zabuza noa says:

sheyna and Carmel probably look like a 10 after a few month

Adrian Dsouza says:

I just ate a Mars bar….so much for simulation. ….

Freedom Lapuz says:

the crew leader listens to disco


Something disconcerting about Vice and NASA collaborating.

Alex Drummond says:

Breaking Bad, Aliens.

Lincoln Hawk says:

Fuck going to Mars, when am I getting my damn jetpack!

kyle glasco says:

Inmates in prison do this for much longer,i have myself,it wasn't fun,but art of war,the koran,the bible,nietzsche,leo tolstoy,I Ching,And all philosophy book's make you grasp the human mind past the book 's one think's give's them mental strenght ,You can learn all you want in a field,but you will never know the world if you keep your nose in a book.

Scorch428 says:

How bout we figure Earth out first before spendin billions of dollars on Mars.  We still have homeless people here…people without water in 3rd world countries.  This money could be going toward figuring that out before Mars imo.

Scorch428 says:

It different when there's a safe word that can get you out at any time, and medical response just down the road.  Less stress.  The real mission will be a lot more difficult stresswise.

TbKc Swift says:

Get over it we won't go to mars if we do anyways I can't go I'm scared of hights and seeing big planets in view

1InfinityShade says:

quite interesting. I really wish they would address other aspects of the actual mars mission like construction and development of a settlement.

Th3LastUn1c0rn says:

what is that familiar tune playing in the background from 1:112:04 ??

Yessenya S. says:

All this time and money dedicated to finding a sustainable environment for human life seems pretty irrational, no? For example, that chick is away from her husband for an entire year missing wonderful memories they could be creating together and that other lady is avoiding spending time with those in her life that are sick and vulnerable. Are people really this scared of dying with the Earth? Because in the end who cares if you discover a bearable life on mars when you've missed the most important parts of being alive.

K P says:

lol just film the landing there as well,

AwesomeGaming says:

don't mean to be rude, but the danger of actually going to mars is far above what this is.

Jose Ortiz says:

Oh stop it. You're exploring earth you losers. This is super corny.

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