Sinking City Apocalypse & Survival Base! – Tiny Town VR Gameplay – HTC Vive VR Game

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Sinking City Apocalypse & Survival Base! - Tiny Town VR Gameplay - HTC Vive VR Game

Welcome to Camodo Gaming's Let's Play of Tiny Town VR! This HTC VR game is all about building a city with crazy characters and even more crazy adventures. Today we build a sinking city. What should we build next?

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About Tiny Town VR:

Create an original world and fill it with buildings, roads, vehicles and more. Give it life with posable characters. Tell a story with custom speech bubbles and in-game photo captures. Then, share with friends!

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ricky pagerdo21 says:

Make a area 51 IF you háve custom characters

Mike Hirst says:

make 2 people fighting and one guy falling of a building
ok bro

James and Melanias Awesome Reviews says:

What about a my summer car video or her i.e. The love bug build the in brick rigs

James and Melanias Awesome Reviews says:

Wow I love your YouTube channel I'm o.b.s son

Quinton Keizur says:

You should do trees floating down the ocean

Tony Truong says:

It should be called Sunk City

Sir Percival says:

do a house exploding

Green Monster Cast says:

I said do a flood

wida ningsih says:

pls build a paris earthquake plz

Bawantha Perera says:

the UN attacking.

Godzilla Godzilla says:

Make a nuclear bones hbhhhhhhhhhhgggggfgffgg in a city

sphiresr says:

In a helicopter

sphiresr says:

Add some police saving some survivors

Andrianna Puric-Lally says:

A tornado in a war

Christine Macdonald says:

You should make a canal and boats get stuck in it

Random Person says:

WOLOBONGDONG don't ask why .

Kim Gamble says:

Should have the nuclear power plant have a meltdown

Harry Chen says:

That doesn't look like a sinking city it looks like a flooded city
Who agrees press

Marcus H says:

Make. ship battale

Jessica Reilly says:

U should make a zombie apocalypse and granny was killing zombies and big animals at the zoo are dead and sports teams were killing zombies too

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