Skydiving in 360 – Virtual Reality

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Best viewed on Gear VR, Google Chrome or YouTube mobile app. This was made in partnership with Samsung for 2016 Vidcon #in360 event hosted by Casey Neistat. [BTS Vlog] Skydiving in San Francisco -

Shot on Samsung Gear 360
(How I made this video)

Where I went skydiving -

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Hi! My name is Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy). I live in NYC originally from Dallas, Texas and a little piece of me will always be in Nashville, TN. I daily vlog Monday-Friday and I am the creator of the Docu-Series Creative Spaces TV and the show That Creative Life. Both are hosted on this YouTube channel! Big fan of traveling, tech, social media / biz and highlighting other artists. Subscribe & follow me on Twitter or Snapchat or something!
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Shot on Samsung Gear 360° Camera -
Best viewed on GearVR -

Music by Magestic Color
Jupe - Hurry

and Andrew Applepie (first song)

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Ugandan Knuckle budads says:

Help in cant use the vr button

Daniel Stanley says:

Who is the other girl?

Marcus Smith says:

How the hell did they make it spin

Shanika Grant says:

How old is she looks like a newborn

Shanika Grant says:

Aww the baby is adorable

gamernoob Bro says:

Is she insane

Super gamer Zack 101012 says:

That was not OK I was screaming

Health and Fitness says:

I enjoyed this adventure

Taniela Lekutu says:

love these kind of videos

ScuttleProductions says:

You're pretty cool. Subbing.

ScuttleProductions says:

It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Welcome to the sky. We're happy to have you.

Sean says:

This is fucking shit.
Why the fuck would anyone want to listen to two cunts chat in 360? Get on it with….and when you did.. the camera wasn't set up right.

Elias Olmedo says:

hi sarah i bet she wont even look at or even like this but plz give me a shoutout if u dont i understand if u do i will be sooooooooooooooooooioooooooooooioioioioiiiouiioooo happppppppiiiiiiueeeeeesss??????????????????????

Irrelevance xo says:

How does the 360° work. Thats so mad .o.

Md Sohag says:

Can anyone tell me if 720p  (294 ppi)resolution phone good for vr?

Adam Rivera says:

The earth is flat

fernando. cruz says:

Its cool how you can move it with youre finger

Lil Pump says:

Pause the vid and look around

Abigail Roman says:

I don’t appreciate you holding me with one hand while you are jumping out of a airplane

Videos by DKiran Guram says:

Amazing Sara ??

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